Are you leaving us – again?

Mummy, you’re leaving us again – for the third time this week?

If I wag my tail enough, will you change your mind and take us with you?

May’s comment:  Darcy and George are OK to stay home on their own when I go out. But when I see them looking at me each time, I am thankful they have each other.  IMG_8882They know when I say, “You’re staying home.”  They walk away and both sit on the bed – IMG_8877Looking dejected.IMG_4244Feeling full of guilt, I close the door behind me.  I know what to look forward to when I return …  Darcy doesn’t know what to do with herself in excitement.

She could not decide to jump up at me or run to get her teddy to bring to me because that’s how she shows she’s pleased.

I am a lot better, well, maybe, just a little better about leaving them behind.  But when Charlie comes to stay, it is always a bit nerve-wracking leaving him with my two. He is not good being left at home, that’s why he stays with us during the week when his owner goes to work and he’s not with anyone else from “Borrow my doggy.” I had left him a few times with my two and he was fine till one day last week, he pee’d a puddle by the front door when I left to run some errands (very difficult to take three) especially going into shops in the city.

Another day when I took Darcy with me to an event, I tried leaving Charlie with a neighbour, and he behaved like he had never been house trained! Embarrassing and killed that option very quickly.

Last week I had theatre tickets and an evening out is a five-hour span.  I could not risk leaving him even with my two, so I got in a dog-sitter.  They have never met the dog-sitter before and when I took leave, it was Darcy who cried and George followed suit.  I have never had a dog-sitter before and my guess is that Darcy thought I was leaving her.  This was probably from her memory of friends coming to stay when I went away.

As for me, I called the dog-sitter twice that evening.  I did not rush home as I usually do when I leave them, but when I did, it was the usual excited greeting by three dogs. Then the report from the dog-sitter, who had pee’d and who had poo’d on their evening walk. And I thought to myself – so this is it is like when parents arrive home after a night’s out. 🙂


  1. Narelle

    Love your stories – always make me smile that there’s someone else out there exactly like me ?

  2. Jill Keiser

    Even though I’m home all week, my husband is out of town four days a week. Each Friday you should see the fanfare for daddy when he comes home! It is like he is a rock star — such cooing and jumping!

  3. Margaret Danks

    It’s heart wrenching leaving them May, but the greeting when you get home is fantastic.

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