BARF! BARF! Houston, we have a problem.

Mummy thought she had a great idea, or was it Aunty Beate. As George and I eat raw, it’s usually quite a feat to bring the food with us – it usually entails another piece of luggage.

So the decision was – George or the food goes to Berlin with us as Mummy would not be able to manage two of us and two pieces of luggage. Then Aunty Beate looked into the matter and told Mummy that there are pet shops in Berlin (I’m sure all over Germany) where they sell Biologically Acceptable Raw Food (oder Biologisches Artgerechtes Rohes Futter) for dogs.  Hooray! George came with us instead of our Honey’s Real Dog Food!

Beate even found a BARF shop close to where she was staying – this is Bones for Dog.
2014-10-18 12.20.17“Guten Morgen, kann Ich Hilfe?”2014-10-18 12.33.43 Look at all the raw meat – apparently it’s a Saturday and most of the stock had been sold.2014-10-18 12.24.21 So he’s preparing our food for Beate to bring to us – we were ready for a hearty meal after our train journey.2014-10-18 12.24.31These are all the packets of meat – one packet for each meal to be shared with George.IMG_6733Except I don’t like it. 🙁

George on the other hand gulped it all down. I couldn’t eat it.

We had still some bit of food left over from our first stage of the trip so Mummy tried to mix that with the B.A.R.F. and I would only pick at the left overs.

Mummy says I will be fine – I can lose some weight and if I am really hungry, I will eat it – will see – so far have not liked it for three meals.  And we have three more meals to go … 🙁

May’s comment: That was a surprise. Darcy gulps down just about everything and she loves her raw food from Honey’s Real Dog Food and she had raw hamburger meat before, Maybe it’s the way it’s been treated.

What was interesting is the amount of raw food sold at Pet shops in Berlin – we got our from Bones for Dogs

When Beate went to pick up the food, she saw a few others picking up their orders for the weekend.  Very encouraging. The vet also confirmed its the best food for dogs.


  1. Julia Bates

    Oh dear Miss D you are a fussy madam!!

  2. Judith Vogel

    Do not forget that Darcy is an older and wiser dog !
    She can know what BARF means.
    Perhaps she misses the fine points of the period marks!
    Assure her that it translates into gourmet or lamb chop?

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