Be free to –

… express yourself!

Hoomans have too many ways to communicate with each other.  They don’t need to speak all the time, they have smart phones to text messages in various ways – phone texts, IM, WhatsApp, LINE, etc, etc.  They have computers that let them send emails or have all sorts of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, etc to send messages.  Even now on SKYPE, they can send each other text messages without having to speak.

And we wish we could speak – instead of just barking the few syllables with varying tones and growling.  IMG_9666And some humans wish we could speak too!  Mummy always says to me – “Surprise me, Miss D, say something to me!”  But I already speak – just not in your human words.

May’s comment: Technology is all good but being able to speak is better.  But in the midst of all those non-verbal communications, there’s something to learn from the tools we have –

  • Whatever makes you happy – save it.
  • Whatever makes others happy – forward it.
  • Whatever will make no one happy – DELETE it.



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  1. Jill Keiser

    And Miss Darcy and George, you two express yourselves with those adorable facial expressions and a flick of an ear or a cock of your head! You tell us a lot with your expressive faces and features! Jill

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