Bertie is ALIVE!!!

We were so happy to see Bertie this morning sitting in front of the Caretaker’s Office!

Clever Bertie – he’s a crafty old cat!  We didn’t think we liked him that much.  But he sure made us feel really sad the last few days wondering about his fate. Sometimes it takes a little incident to make us realise how we really feel about another. And we appreciate them more.

So here he is back to his same position – and I know I can still find some tidbits. He’s limping a bit though.

And I know you will still hiss at me. But you better know that I will protect you from that other nasty ol’ cat – you know I chased him away once. He scampered faster than you can imagine!  Mummy wasn’t please I did that but now, she told me to chase him away every single time! 🙂  He’s not welcome here.



  1. Great to see Bertie is back alive and well.A good thing he has you there to protect him Darcy, Shirley.

  2. Julia Bates

    Phew glad Bertie is alive & well 🙂

  3. Jill

    Good news to start the day… and a good reflection on what really matters too! x

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