There’s a dog-lover from the Heilongjiang province in China who loves eating her dog’s hair!!!!! (And if I were her dog, I would find a way to escape!)

It all started four years ago when 27 year old Wang Jing adopted her poodle ‘Kuku’.  There’s nothing wrong with the fact that she gave what she thought was the best for her puppy – imported dog food, pig liver-mixed rice, ice cream and dried fruit.

Then one day when she was giving Kuku a shave, she wondered what the hair tasted like.  When she pinched the collected hairs and put them into her mouth, she did not just like the taste and unique texture. but she found it irresistible. Since then, every time she shaved Kuku, she saved the hairs, kneading them into hairballs to eat as a snack!!!

“They are sweet like chocolates,” said Wang. “It smells nice and tastes good in my mouth.” She eats the hair every day and have claimed to consume over 1000 balls of hair in the last two years.

I’m amazed the poodle still has hair! You would think Kuku would be bald by now. And let’s hope she stops with the hair.

The speculation is that she’s probably suffering from Pica- an eating disorder characterized by a unique craving to eat things that are not real food.

Chinese Woman addicted to dog hair – Oddity Central

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  1. Miami Malteses

    We are amazed her internal “plumbing” hasn’t suffered any back-ups!! Very bizarre!

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