Something strange happened to this pizza …

Calabria comes to Chelsea/Kensington!  Hooray! We have a proper pizzeria and a dog-friendly one in our neighbourhood!

We went along to check it out. It’s proper pizza and beer from Calabria, so for our first visit, Mummy chose a Calabrian – Tomato, Fiordilatte Cheese, Spicy Salami, Chilli, Pepper Nduja – sufficiently spicy even by Mummy’s standards. Ever hopeful, I await.

I did get some crusts, but something strange was happening …
All the middle filling was gone in no time …Mummy doesn’t eat the crust – did you gather that much? LOL!

So this is a good partnership – Mummy eats the filling and I eat the crusts! No? Why?

May’s comment: I can happily eat the crust but was trying to feel better not to eat it!

Pizzeria Livieto, a welcomed addition to our neighbourhood – not just real, authentic pizzas but like most Italian restaurants, they are dog-friendly! Had the best pizza in a long time!

Pizza Express (a chain restaurant) down the road does not allow dogs – so ho-hum to them, and the Pizzeria at Chelsea Farmer’s market might close due to redevelopment. So Pizzeria Livieto now gives us an option to have pizza!

Opened just last week, Pizzeria Livieto is at 273 Fulham Road, London SW10 9PZ

Lievito is a restaurant concept with its own identity, bringing innovation and tradition together. Our bespoke mixture of wholemeal flours makes our pizzas unique and recognisable for their lightness.” – Rocco Caridi, founder

The menu is sourced mainly using ingredients from Calabrian food suppliers via southern Italy and will also stock food produce from their brand enjoycalabria in the UK for the first time. –

Pizzeria Lievito has been added to our list of dog-friendly restaurants in London.

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