Can we bring our teddies?

Having a recce today at Duke of York Square – getting a feel of how it might feel.
We also brought along all the lovely gifts given to us by our supporters.Thank you Adaptil, By Benji Treats, Love My Human, Red Carnation Hotels, Scouts Honour and Wulf & Lamb – we feel so much better knowing you’re “with us” …

And while we were taking photos, we drew a crowd of “paparazzi” LOL!
But really, all we want to bring with us are our teddies. May’s comment: So grateful for so many supporters. Our doggies posing with all the goodies – and look at how good George is!!! Friday can’t come soon enough.

We are sleeping out to raise awareness and funds for GlassDoor London  to help bring someone else in from the cold.

If you can, please sponsor us to raise funds for the homeless charity Glassdoor London at 

In addition, for every £1 raised we will donate 50p to a max of £500 to Dogs on the Streets London (DOTS London).


  1. Sarah Johnson

    You have worked wonders with George, through love and patience and connection.
    My DH was in Duke of York Square today at the same time and noticed lots of beautiful Chelsea mummies walking through with their hooman children in buggies.
    He noticed that every single mum had her eyes firmly on her phone instead of engaging with her child.
    Darcy and George have a fantastic mum.

  2. Liz Burman

    You all look so sweet with your soft toys. I love George’s pink pig!😍🐾

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