Can we go back to Gail’s?

Mummy’s into her organic breakfast – not so good for us.

We used to go to Gail’s bakery where she would share her croissant with me. But she’s been going to JuiceBaby – something about new year’s resolutions. What’s that all about? IMG_0898 All this chia berries and mean green juices. IMG_0305 Not very interesting for us.IMG_0306Can we leave now?IMG_0309 We’re bored!IMG_0904No? Ok then we’ll entertain ourselves.IMG_0312 IMG_0318 IMG_0320 And George gets the extra cuddle.IMG_0310May’s comment:  New Year, new start, cleansing, detox and all things good. Well, even if it’s only for a day – it’s the thought of new beginnings.

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