Rusty catching up on Cockapoo news

We are finally home long enough to catch up with our own reading of Dogs Today magazine. 

I love that photo of me with Little Tyke.IMG_2592 Georgie was having a browse through …IMG_2596 And asked why he wasn’t in it.  Because Georgie, it’s about cockapoos!IMG_2600We brought along a copy for Rusty when we went for supper.

Rusty, can I show you my pictures inside the magazine?IMG_2904

Ok, Martine will read it to you.IMG_2917May’s comment: February issue of Dogs Today features cockapoos!  Very honoured that Miss Darcy was featured – along with all the creative artists who did her portraits.

And yes, I was one of those people who thought it was a bit OTT to have dog portraits – well, I guess I am one of those! 🙂 We have a gallery!!!


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