Sunday lunch with Charlie at HUNter 486

Yesterday we went for Sunday roast with our friend Charlie. He and his mummy Sarah had come to London from Gloucestershire. 

We haven’t seen them for quite a while so it was going to be a special treat just to see them. We took the opportunity to try a dog-friendly restaurant we’ve just learnt about – the restaurant HUNter 486 at The Arch Hotel near Marble Arch.IMG_5276The Arch is a London boutique hotel near Marble ArchIMG_5220 Upon entering the hotel lobby we saw some colourful artwork of hoomansIMG_5222and dogs!IMG_5271Their restaurant IMG_5224is “dog-friendly” but we were not allowed inside the restaurant – because they have an open kitchen.

There were two places we could have dined in and we chose the Library. IMG_5236The hoomans had a drink – not Charlie, though he looked on with thirstIMG_5232And the waiter soon brought us not just one but our individual bowls of water.IMG_5228They even got the size right! LOL!

There was a Pet Menu IMG_5226Hmmm, let’s see what’s on offer. IMG_5227Mummy thought since we usually have meat on a daily basis, the sardines and salmon would be a good choice.  And what are you having, Charlie?IMG_5229When the waiter came in to set the table and brought in some bread, George got really excited!IMG_5241As Mummy and Sarah sat down for their meal –IMG_5245They brought us our foodIMG_5251We had to pose first before we were allowed to eat that deliciousness.

P.s. Mummy asked them to leave out the rice – it doesn’t agree with me.  And because it was quite a large serving, both George and I shared it.IMG_5254But George didn’t have enough and as he always seem to have a very bad habit of doing, he stole a piece of Sarah’s bread with lightning speed!IMG_5248There is absolutely no guilt at all on George’s face as he chomped away on the bread.IMG_5246We always never seem to have enough – so we sat and waitedIMG_5259 And waited for more …IMG_5262 And finally – there we see some remnants of Sarah’s burger!IMG_5263Ahhh, it was all a very positive experience, don’t you think Charlie and George?IMG_5269The staff were really nice to us too.

After lunch Mummy decided to walk off lunch – so we went through Hyde Park. Along the way home, a friendly dog came up to say hello! IMG_5285There was something familiar about him but Mummy wasn’t sure. Sure enough he was a Cockapoo with a Summer hair cut!  And his name was Kipper! It’s Kipper, the Dog!  I have to tell Little Tyke that I met Kipper.

Kipper and his owners came from Leeds and we told them about our Doodle meets in Hyde Park. They said they might come sometime!  (Kipper, if you’re reading this – we hope you will come along sometime!)

May’s comment: HUNter 486 is the restaurant at The Arch Hotel, a relaxed, boutique-style hotel. While it is dog-friendly, diners with dogs sit in the Library because they have an open-kitchen. It was absolutely fine.  It was actually a cosy option.

Hunter 486 is named after the 1950s dialling code for Marylebone. It offers a ‘Best of British’ inspired menu – Fish & Chips and Afternoon Tea with a twist.  Located at 50 Great Cumberland Pl, London W1H 7FD

Hunter 486 has been added to our list of places to Wine and Dine in London with your dogs.


  1. Laura

    Do you think they are ok with full size doodles as it looks lovely and we fancy a day in London..

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes they are. Check out my tab on Wine and Dine – there are more than 100 restaurants in London that you can take your doodle for a meal.

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