Checking In

Time for our flight back to Paris after a lovely weekend in Stockholm with Catarina, our most gracious host.

This is what Stockholm looked like this morning when we left for the airport at 5am.  The light was just peeking through the horizon – the world slowly waking up to another day, another week.

photo 1We were up earlier as Mummy wanted to make sure I got my business done before we left for the airport.  The taxi arrived at exactly 5am and we got to Arlanda airport in good time as there was hardly any traffic on the streets as you can imagine. But once at the airport, the hustle bustle begins.

We checked in at the SAS counter and I was given my “boarding pass” – which is a Certificate for transportation of Animals – passenger.  Yes, I am an animal passenger!photoWe went to the gate to wait for our boarding. I sat quietly to wait photo 3Keeping an eye on Mummy’s feet just in case she starts to move, I will jump time now I will need to get into my travel bag before we board – IMG_3797flying back to Paris for more adventures!

May’s comment: She continues to amaze me how instinctive she is. She seems to know the rules. At airports, we walk to heel and we stay very quiet.

Also at check-in, no one asked to see any documentation that I have been carrying with me.


  1. Cecilia

    Really enjoy reading our blog.
    You are lucky to have so many adventures. Now we know where we can eat together 🙂 Himmelska hundar (well i knew that one) But…the other one…forgot the name (already) in old town.
    Well have ta take look again.
    Seem to go smooth to travel as a dog. (Havent read about the rules so much)
    How big are you Darcy. Weight and height?
    We couldent make it to Drottningholm yesterday grr!

    Have a nice stay in Paris

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Cecilia – we didn’t see any cockatoos on Sunday 🙁
      We went to a really nice restaurant last evening – I can’t remember how to spell both but I was told it translates into Line 10 and the other was Under the Chestnut Tree in the old city!
      When we go back again some day – maybe in December – we might find others! x

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