A Parade of Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Jumper is a colloquial way of saying “Ugly Jumpers!” LOL!

But when doodles are wearing Christmas Jumpers – there nothing ugly about them. Actually hoomans think we look super cute!

So here’s a parade of doodles looking cute in those “ugly sweaters”!

Cookie and Rusty
When there is one London Poo
The other London Poo is always somewhere nearby – LOL
Mum managed to get George and I new jumpers –
After she has Marie Kondo-ed the ones from previous years.

Now, where are the treat dispensers …

So many new doodles … and I got to meet each of them though Mum keeps forgetting their names

Both of us with muddy paws! LOL! But one has a muddy muzzle!
All these going ons can be quite scary when you’re small.
George says – “Don’t be scared. We don’t bite.”
Doing the Christmas jig

But it really didn’t matter if they didn’t have a Christmas jumper.

Because Walter was just passing and found us!

Long after the group photo was taken, many kept coming …

Well hello Chris and Ted!

Levi thought it was at 1pm – LOL! But he would have been too early for that.

George telling Levi – it’s two 1s, as in 11am!

And the winners … TWINNING!

That made Mum look for jumper to match ours – for next year. And do not Marie Kondo our jumpers please.

But what a fab meet we had!

Merry Christmas everyone!

May’s comment: It’s been an amazing year of Doddle Meets. We celebrated Valentine’s Day, International Doodle Day in May, Pride, Halloween and yesterday we had Christmas Jumper Meet. Everyone’s been such a good sport.

Thank you all for joining us month after month. Yesterday was the last meet of 2019.

35 doodles and pooches!

And in January 2020, we will start all over again! And to more fun meet-ups!

Have a Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year!


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    Please subscribe me!

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Sumi, I have subscribed you. You will receive an email asking you to verify that it is indeed you and not someone playing a prank.
      Thank you for following us and going on our journey.

  2. Angela Dillon

    May, it’s been brilliant . Funny stories, nostalgia and fabulous jumpers. Long may it last xxx

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