We are very appreciative of our reader’s comments. We hope you too will enjoy our adventures.

Love your daily posts! Claire T.

This really is amazing and I am sure you speak on behalf of many of us. My cockapoo is most certainly the love of my life and also my inspiration. Regardless of my day he brings love and joy and makes me laugh and smile a lot. He is so very very special and has enabled me to evaluate the important things in life – a true gift! Thanks for putting this together for us to enjoy – it’s wonderful and bought a tear to my eye! I really really enjoyed reading your blog and it is so beautifully presented, I really resonated with everything. Juliet P.

What a beautiful blog! We have seen links and pictures to here on facebook, but tonight we had enough time to actually come visit. We are glad we did ! Many of your thoughts and comments have struck a chord, thank you for sharing. – John T.

Darcy, you brighten up my day, every day with your little stories, thanks. – Shirley.

We both truly enjoy reading your blog. – Charles and Joan C.

Love reading about Darcy and because we will be adopting a gorgeous Cockapoo soon, I am finding Darcy’s Blog very helpful.– Janet S.

Love reading about your adventures!! Xx – Carole G.

Love the photos and love Miss Darcy. – Jane W.

I love your website! Miss Darcy is simply beautiful! – Claire E.

I just went on your blog and read about when Darcy entered your life. Just wanted to say thank you as it gave me encouragement to hang in there with my new little black & white Cockapoo, Gus. We lost Charlie our 14 1/2 yr old buff cockapoo (looked just like Darcy) over a year ago and had an amazing life with him. Gus entered our lives 5 weeks ago and we are so discouraged. We have set the bar too high for him!! But you reminded me that some things just take time! Thankyou!!! – Judi S.

I love that you take your fur baby everywhere and your blog is addictive! Thank you! – Jan

Love Miss Darcy. – Faye

I do love your blog, it cheers me up reading about your adventures. May, your posts really brighten my day.– Maggie D.

Dear Miss Darcy, George and May. I don’t often comment but wanted to say please don’t ever stop writing your blog. We love reading it and seeing all your adventures and photos. We always secretly hope that we might bump into you when we are down in London and keep our eyes peeled for you! Thank you for giving us so much pleasure through your blog. Anna, Ella and Daisy dog x

I love reading about your adventures x – Lin

Love reading the posts I have come across and don’t want to miss any. Miss Darcy you are beautiful. – Lorraine G.

So cute! Love your many adventures! – Sherri R.

I just had to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed reading yours and Mummy May’s posts. I have laughed and cried – so much emotion! … Hope you keep well and keep writing! Love to your Mummy. And a big thankyou for being such a good secretary!! – Maggie xxx

I have just been reading your opening story on your blog and had to respond as I was exactly the same as you with how I thought it would be to allow a dog into my life. I had lovely fluffy visions of my faithful friend following me from room to room as I went about my chores. This dog would be perfect and a wonderful companion! Well, like yourself, a big wake up call. I don’t think am going to get a lie in for the next 15 years at least. Any following around includes kitchen roll and carpet spray. He has attitude and has his own agenda. BUT I love him to bits- he’s clever and super intelligent, he handsome and gorgeous, he’s funny and utterly loveable. I’m exhausted, but wouldn’t be without him (now). My Bailey is a 14 month golden Cockapoo. Don’t these dogs wrap themselves around our hearts. Your Miss Darcy is gorgeous. – Carol x

I so enjoy Miss Darcy’s news. – Rosemary

… This blog is seriously the cutest. I found it through the Facebook cockapoo group. I’m so glad I did! Your babies are adorable, I’m glad Georgie and Miss Darcy are getting along a little better now. – Kelly

Miss Darcy you are the best story teller I have ever had! – Domina M.

These little stories are so funny. Tails of 2 London Poos Love it! – Don A.

You and Miss Darcy and George are such a part of my life. The PADDINGTON effort was a stand out amongst so many stand out stories you have shared. Bless you for taking George in and giving him such a wonderful home. Happy New Year to you all and thanks for your amazing blog! – Pam W.

….Love your blog, your stories make me happy and more than jealous of your doggy freedom. – Shelley W.

I look forward to reading your stories and seeing your photos every day. Thank you for lifting my spirits time and time again. Love to you all for a wonderful 2015. – Laura, Julia, Gus, Emma and Jasper.

Dear Darcy George and May, You make our days so bright with all your stories, even the sad ones that must be shared so people understand we are very human. Thank you for this beautiful blog! We look forward to 2015 with alert eyes, perky ears and wagging tails! And that includes our Mummy too! We send you many licks and blessings across the miles. – M.M.

Darcy, you certainly have had a busy year!! My highlight of your year was when your mummy decided to keep George forever to be your little brother! Just so heartwarming and you make a beautiful pair! Have a wonderful 2015 with George and your mum! x x x – Kate H.

Love your stories …and love Darcy and George! – Judi S.

Darcy, George and May we love and appreciate your stories. Wishing you all every good thing this coming year and looking forward to hearing about your new adventures in 2015. – Elaine C.M.

Really enjoyed your stories. – Donalyn H.

Love reading about their adventures! – Catherine B.

You always hit the nail on the head! – Fiona R.

Just love stories about Miss Darcy and George. Thanks. – Cathy H.

May, I wanted to tell you that thanks to your blog the other day I was walking my poo in a downtown area by my folks and there was a Mexican restaurant with a nice outdoor area and from reading about the dog friendly places you visit so I decided to ask – and they said yes! And nicely catered to my Quincy offering a bowl for water and plate for the taco I bought him! So thank you! I do enjoy reading about your adventures! – Kimberly H.

Watching your family evolve is the highlight of my day. Seriously. – Laura C.

I love reading all your post what a wonderful life your two beautiful dogs lead.– Robyn P.

Just been reading your blog for the first time may it’s brilliant x – Pamela M.

As always I love reading your blog entries first thing in the morning over breakfast before I head of into work. Big woof, woof from Ziggy and Zack. Xx – Suzanne L.

What an adventure, Darcy! I’m so pleased to see all the places you visit and it’s given us the confidence to ask if we can take dogs in with us when we’re out and about and not just to assume that we cannot. So because of you Pepper has been in lots of the shops in York, had sit in Fish & Chips at the seaside and on the park and ride buses! – Sharon W.

Hello! I just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your blog, especially since George has arrived! You’ve inspired me to get a rescue little brother for my cockapoo Boris. This week we collected Captain Jack, a traumatised abused 1-year old, Shih Tzu. We’ve only had him since Wednesday and he’s already needed an emergency operation to remove his eye, as the vet found he had a punctured eyeball. He’s had a dreadful start in life but we adore him already. Thanks Darcy for all your updates, and big cuddles to George xxx – Willow B.

I love ready your blogs curled up with my rescue Barney. Seeing the adventures you have with Darcy and George encourages me to ask if Barney can come with me to places because I would take him everywhere if I could! – Joann Q.

I just adore following yours and Miss Darcy and George’s adventures! And this one is especially cute! Lucky you, May getting to snuggle all those C’Poo puppies! I’m so jealous! I’ve always said since I was a kid many, many years ago that if they could turn “puppy breath” into perfume I’d buy it!! Lol! Please keep having great adventures, me and my Snickers follow you on all of them as you post them! I think its just fantastic the way you can travel with your dogs and especially go into restaurants – they are not so accommodating here in the States about dogs unless its a service dog! Plus I’m disabled and lots older than you so I live vicariously in your world and love how Miss Darcy & George are your best buds! Thank you for sharing – it brightens the days of a middle aged ole lady in Minnesota!

Thank you for paving the road for us. Your blog has been/is incredibly helpful. – Jeng C.

Your blog helps me so much to bring Marley out … – Yaena B.

I look forward to reading the adventures of your beautiful dogs everyday. Thank you. – Robyn P.

My daughter and I love reading your posts. May, your doggies are georgous and my daughter loves little Georgie. – Dawn W.

Really look forward to reading your posts. So funny. Love Darcy & George! You do make me giggle with your comments and I have learnt so much about London and your road trips are so interesting. Love to you all Julie & Bailey xx – Julie M.

I so love traveling with Miss Darcy and “He who has no name” George. They make my day, every day and May, you also – Domina M,

Snickers & I never miss the many adventures of Miss May, Miss Darcy and George! As I can no longer really do any travelling I adore going along and sharing in their discoveries, frolics and fun and culinary delights for both human and canine! The only way it could be more fun is if Snickers and I could join them for real! Lol! And I too find each day a little brighter once I’ve checked on our traveling trio as they share their happiness with all of us! – Sherri R.

Thank you for sharing your lives. Miss Darcy and Georgie and momma May. I love your journey and the wonderful pictures of your world. – Cathy H.

You lot just make me smile and lol xxx I love the pics xxx – Carole H.

Miss Darcy is the reason I chose a cockapoo as I saw her on QVC & fell in love with her. – Alison T.

Thank you May and Darcy. I am in a similar situation where Alfie is my very first dog. I know the feeling of your heart bursting with love for sloppy kisses and buying endless supplies bed, collars and leads. He has become the love of my life and I am so grateful. Keep up the great blog, I am learning heaps. – Lee-Anne H.

I love your blog!!! – Brittany W.

What a lovely post. I too was hesitant about bringing a dog into my world. But now she is my world and I can’t imagine life without her. I love to read your blogs and stories they are guaranteed to make me smile x – Beverly F.


I love reading your blog Miss Darcy it makes me smile all day  – Jeannette N.

Just thought I would say how much I love your adventures and reading them on FB. I show molly dog the pictures and tell her what’s happening too! If we ever come down to London we will have to meet you guys for a doodle romp! – Sophie H.

I love reading about this beautiful girl and her adventures x – Helen P.

Love your blog Miss Darcy. Read it every day!!! – Theo v. H.

George, May & Ms Darcy, it was a beautiful story then and is still a beautiful story today. You all bring so much life and fun to our group – Domina J. M.

I’m sure there are days when it’s a burden for you to work on the blog. But, you do bring a brightness to people’s life. I, personally, love your photography and reading of Darcy’s and George’s adventures. You’ve done a great job speaking for them.

I live in the United States. I learned of your blog through an article in Yahoo. I like reading it because it’s lighthearted, free of profanity, I see pictures of places I wish to see some day, has two adorable pups, I like that you advocate for rescuing animals, I like that you promote places that will let you bring your pet along with you, and you’ve introduced me to a different lifestyle.

You have made a difference! Thank you. – Neyra A.

Love your posts they’re always so full of love and understanding xx – Liz E.

I love your blog! My boy and I are always imagining our pup Bear’s thoughts and feelings on life … Anyway your blog always puts a smile on my face, no matter what mood I’m in, Darcy and George always lift my spirits, they’re gorgeous! X – Cori

Your blogs and adventures make us smile, laugh out load and sometimes cry; but whatever the emotion evoked, it is always real and we can relate to what you say and see something in us from your beautiful writing. You have inspired me to get out and about more with Lola, who isn’t the most well behaved cockapoo in the world, but is kind, sweet and funny and can make the grumpiest of souls smile on a grey day. – Samantha R.

Just want to say how much I enjoy your blogs and the effort that goes into the telling of your lovely adventures. xx  Maree W.

I always look forward to Darcy’s blog (and yours and Georgie’s). It always makes me smile. Nancy K.

I just wanted to say how wonderful your blog is and I enjoy reading about the sights and eats of London and the adventures and antics of Miss Darcy, George, and friends. Thank you. BC C.