In cahoots with Churchill and Franklin

I must be in London where you find strange occurrences in the most unexpected places.

First there was an upside down dog – with no face – on the side of a building at Sketch (where no dogs are allowed).




No dogs allowed!

Then there are dinosaurs with dog collars in the store (Louis Vuitton).


A Louis Vuitton dog collar – hmmm, says Mummy. Tempting.

And I stopped to listen in on what these two guys sitting on a bench on Bond Street.  I sat in between them – not much being said for my ears.

Mummy told me that the two guys were Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. And many years ago, they were in cahoots about some battle. It must have been an important conversation because they commemorated it with these bronze statues.

IMG_1326Conversations with Franklin and Winston

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