Did you think we would leave you alone …

to watch the new and final season of Downtown Abbey?

We did ask if we can come in our whole furry self but they looked at us and said – “Is your Mummy on death bed?

We don’t know, we said because I haven’t spoken to her for almost two weeks.  Although Georgie did see her briefly last Tuesday,  and then she disappeared again.  But this much we know – tonight is the first episode of Downton Abbey Series 6 – the last one – and we wanted to watch every single one of them together.

Well, Miss D and Mr. Mutt – it isn’t going to happen. You maybe both awfully cute but this is a hospital.  Unless it is her death wish, you cannot gain entry into the hospital.

So we took ourselves away and asked our furry substitutes to come and keep her company.

Along they went. George told them she’s at the Hospital around the corner from us.  They went to the nurse’s station to ask which room she’s atIMG_3198 They were told she was in Room H – right next to the nurse’s stationIMG_3199There she is! There she is! They could see her.

They went inside and she was sleeping so they sat and waitedIMG_3196 She finally woke up but she had to quickly go have a peeIMG_3195 Ah, the computer from whence our blogs are writtenIMG_3200So here “we” are … IMG_3191 Georgie was so excited he couldn’t sit still.IMG_3193We’re altogether in spirit!  And George as he always does is sitting on Mummy’s head.IMG_3204So they watched Downton Abbey together . IMG_3201And even though Isis got axed off the series she still made it at the start of the program. Hooray!IMG_3202-2Don’t worry – no more spoilers!

May’s comment: Have quite a selection of Darcy lookalikes but totally by accident I happened upon this knitted dog at Burnham Market – which I thought – that’s  George! Even the blue collar and the way he stands!Edit-Biscuiteers-x-Dogs-Trust-event-093-580x872IMG_3192

My little fur babies are having a good time – wherever they are. For that I am thankful


  1. Cecilia

    Is everything ok? We haven’t seen you guys for a while!

  2. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Hope it’s nothing serious May we’ve missed you and it seemed so sudden. Wishing you better soon. X🐶🐕☕🍧

    • Miss Darcy

      Rita and Gracie, it’s a combination of things. The subscriber list emails wasn’t working.
      We’ve been blogging all along.
      But still in hospital – they are trying to get to the root of the problem.

  3. margaret danks

    Aw, bless you May. Hope they get you sorted out soon. The little furry lookylikees are lovely, but you must be missing them desperately.

  4. Karen

    Aww! Hope you soon get well & make your escape to go home with your fur babies. I am sure however that they are having a great time & you should make sure you look after yourself xx

  5. Alison Mullett

    I’m so sorry to read your still in hospital. Sending you lots of Get Well Wishes. Hope you’re reunited with your fur babies soon xxx

  6. Christine

    Speedy recovery May, hope it is not too long before you are back home.

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