Didier a.k.a. Turtle Boy

Tonight on Channel Four they showed  Turtle Boy: A Bodyshock Special. Mummy wanted me to watch it because I might get to meet Didier very soon.

Mummy met Didier and his mother Luz in May 2012 after she first saw the program broadcasted. She was so moved by his story that she wanted to do something for him.  Through her friends in Bogota, she had the privilege to get to know them. She told me she wanted to be Didier’s “window to the world” … and hope to get him to Great Ormond Street Hospital where they are the leading researchers for  Congenital Melanocytic Nevuses.

This is a photo of Didier in December 2012 – after his operation but he still has to have check-ups ever so often.


This is Didier with Dr. Merchan who operated on him.


Mummy said he’s a beautiful little boy.  I can’t wait to meet him when he comes to visit London!


May’s comment: It was a goal for 2013 to get Didier over to London so he can participate in the research which will allow him to benefit from the finding.  We are at the moment making preparations for their visit in mid-March.

We will be working with Caring Matters Now, a support group for sufferers of CMN via Just Giving to raise funds for Didier in the coming months. Stay tuned.



  1. Rebecca

    Hi there

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I have been researching this story about Didier on line ever since I saw the programme on channel 4.

    I have felt compelled to do something to help this little boy and his mother and wanted to know if there is indeed a charity I can donate to as I have read on your blog he now may be coming to London in mid March. This is fantastic news as I know he needs on going treatment.

    Maybe you could let me know if there is any charity set up to raise money for his treatment or any other way in which I can help this little boy.

    Again, I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I couldn’t find any other way to help as another charity I found on line through just giving is no longer active. I am living in London and would love to get to meet this little boy and his mother and help in any way I can.

    Any update regarding Didier and how I can somehow help would be much appreciated.

    Yours faithfully

    Rebecca Hayiannis

    • Miss Darcy

      Dear Rebecca,
      I wrote the blog to purposefully let people know there’s a way to help Didier – for people like you and me who were so touched by his story and desperately wanting to help. So you can imagine how happy I was to read your long comment.

      Yes, Didier should be coming to London in March – we are awaiting approval for his visa application. That’s the only hold up – otherwise once that’s done, we are kicking into action. I have Team GOSH on standby so he becomes a part of the ongoing research for CMN. I have Caring Matters Now, the support group for families with children of CMN waiting to organise meetings for Didier and his mother Luz to meet with South American families, and thankfully they are picking up the cost of medical expenses whilst here. Someone else who also found me through my blogs who is setting up a fun time for Didier – hoping to have a kick about with Arsenal FC and going to Lion King. She is also going to buy Didier a coat to keep him warm whilst here. And Mr. Bulstrode’s neighbour who is Colombian will be hosting a dinner. We have about 6 days to fill so it will be amazing if you want to meet them and spend time with them. They do not speak any English and Didier is quite shy. But any help is much appreciated. I currently have £400 contribution t pay towards their meals and travel expenses.

      Once we know Didier’s coming for sure, we will also swing into action to help get him on Breakfast shows etc and Caring Matters Now will accept donations for a month. SO if you want to help in spreading the news, that would be great too.

      I will add you to my ongoing distribution list for all concerned. I will email you directly for my contacts.

      Best regards,

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