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Good job, Mummy! Keep reminding yourself. Not quite there yet but we are on our way together …

May’s comment:  Our world expanded again when George came into our lives – in more ways than I thought.

It justified us having a small collection of dog bowls which now gets used more often.  But now there’s an extra blanket in the rooms where we’re together often. The bed is now thankfully the size it is so the two of them can roll around in the night as they wish. But more grateful than all that is the way I have learnt a few things from them as they expand my perspective of the world.unnamed-14In a discussion one evening with a recent friend who came into my life because of George, this is what I had realised I was meant to learn.

Dogs say it like it is – I was concerned that Darcy may not be 100% accepting of George. She does get jealous in a sulky way. I recognised that in her. Friend asked – do you think you’ve just projected all that on her? She observed that Darcy looked totally accepting and if she did not want George in our home, I would have known a long time ago. Dogs do not pretend how they feel, like we do. They tell you exactly how they feel.

I’ve also been told that it will take at least 4-6 months before they are fully comfortable with the new situation.  It has only been just two months – and as I have said before, Darcy has been very giving and gracious.  George is the one who has been jealous whenever I show Darcy any attention. He continues to try for pole position in every situation but when told off, he gets back into his box.  The two of them are just like siblings – they play, the fight (tell each other off) and they sulk – Darcy more than George. George looks guilty!

No two loves are the same. We love differently – just as we are all different, we can only love each being differently. I love Darcy because she came into my life at a time when I needed to love, to give, to learn responsibility for another being. She taught me to open my heart. For that we will always have a special bond. With George, it is more protective love.  But it is still love.

Love is inclusive not exclusive – the hardest aspect of deciding to take George in was wondering if I am “sacrificing” my relationship with Darcy. After all, she and I are one. We are so close – I don’t know if I would be able to love another. Friend looked at me perplexed and reminded me that love is inclusive, not exclusive.

Question asked of me – am I projecting onto Darcy the way I want to be loved – exclusively. Oops! Think it’s time to re-evaluate that one. 😉




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  1. Maggie Danks

    Beautifully said May. I think our dogs teach us far more than we teach them.

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