Adios, Mallorca!

I had an amazing time. Thank you Manuela for having us to stay at your beautiful home in Mallorca. 

I loved all those interesting smells and I enjoyed the conversations I had with the other dogs barking in the next fields.  We understood each other’s bark even though they are Spanish dogs.

I didn’t enjoy so much the driving around the island. I think I would have been happiest just staying at the house and running around the grounds.img_6667Every day was perfect. We woke up to beautiful morning sun,img_6564During the day when Mummy and Manuela were busy with things, I sat by myself and took in the beautyimg_6687Or just taking in the sun. img_6504Venturing out to check up on things when I hear a noise, barking at itimg_6707But I never ventured farimg_6669And always came back when Mummy called.

We did some sightseeingimg_6583In the nearby town of Arta.

There I met some local dogs on the streetsimg_6610-2I was really happy to see this little guy.

But when this HUGE one turned up at the houseimg_6521 Bark! Bark! Bark! img_6522I chased him away but then …
img_6523I was very curious about him, so I went out to check him out and he came back to smell me.img_6532I was a little nervous, needless to say.  But he’s an old dog and belongs to the housekeeper.  You see, I was missing having other dogs around. I am glad I was with Mummy but I think it would have been nice to have another furry friend to play with – but not exactly this big old dog!

Just as we celebrated each morningimg_6555We also appreciated the spectacular sunsets, img_6542and meaningful conversations by the beachimg_6459As well as by candlelight each evening.

But all good things must come to an end and it’s time to say, “Adios!”  img_6437Time to head home to London and to see Darcy again! I am sure she’s having a grand ol’ time at House of Mutt – probably forgotten all about us.

We stopped for one last meal – lunch at a local cafe img_6721 An omelette ala local Mallorcin img_6723Another panting session in the car to the airport.img_6357-2 But once there, I was fine.  I was a little nervous when walking through the airport.img_6727Every now and then I would put on all four brakes because I saw something I did not like.  I needed to pause and make sure it was alright to keep going.  I especially did not like escalators. When I see them I would brake half a mile away! Mummy would pick me up when we go up on them.  Sometimes it is just the floor changes and I don’t know what it is that I am stepping on. Then Mummy gets impatient with me because I braked all too often.  I am used to streets – not shiny floors that are all too smooth and fancy colours.

The skies clouded over and as we boarded the plane, the rain came.img_6729Do you think Mallorca was sad to see us leave?

I got in my Sleepy Pod Air, I was doing small pants, not the all tongue out version. I sat in it quietly during the whole flight. img_6351Next stop – Düsseldorf.

May’s comment: All good things must come to an end. img_6562Love this picture of the cloud reflections in the pool – quite Magritte.

This is the beginning of our journey home to England.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Yes I think Majorca is sad to see you go, but you can always go back again sometime. Mmm that omelette looks yummy!

  2. Margaret Danks

    Adios George. Homeward bound once again. May, your friends house is just stunning!

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