Extending our RAW palette?

What’s this, Mummy?img_0428 Cotswold RAW?img_0426Interesting.img_0425 Hmmm. Can’t quite smell anything. They’re all frozen.img_0424What should we have for dinner tonight?img_0421Lamb? Beef? Chicken? Mince or Sausage?

May’s comment: Found a new brand of RAW foods! And trying it for variety.img_0419I like what I’ve read about Cotswold RAW.  For example, the Beef mince contains:

– 80% meat – organ meat and bone element would be 30% beef flank, 5% beef Liver and 10% beef heart, 30% Chicken Wings, with some chicken wings to provide the calcium and bone nutritional content.

– 20% fresh, raw veg and some additional natural herbs.

And the packaging, especially the sausages might make it easier for travelling.

I usually measure the success of raw feeding by the result of what comes out at the other end! LOL! And happy to report they’re firm and contained! Yay!

Watch what’s in Cotswold RAW.





  1. Jill Keiser

    I enjoyed reading about the Cotswold Raw foods on their website! It does look like the packaging will make traveling with food easier!

  2. Margaret Danks

    I may give this a try for Maggiedog. I DIY raw as she’s not keen on mince textures.

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