Familiar Streets

Are we there yet?

I’m tired of all this travelling and hotel rooms.

Finally we’re going home! I couldn’t wait to get going!!!

As we were walking to the airport, I wanted one last sniff of the snow I love so much. But snow in the city wasn’t very pretty and fluffy like they have up north.

I don’t know why but I have this urge to jump on the conveyor belt for luggage every time we’re checking in. Maybe because I know it’s also a weighing machine and whenever I do that at the vet I get a treat.

But no treats here but I always make people laugh.

There are little things that gets Mum – like the SAS presentation of their “full meal” in a cube box.

She’s fascinated how much you can put into a cube …
Unlike all the sandwich rolls on the other flights, there nothing in here for me.

We landed in Paris – and for the next couple of hours we drove to Calais, went through pet control and then finally – we have reached the border crossing!

Hello UK!!! – er, Mum I don’t think you’re suppose to take photos here.

After crossing the tunnel, there was still another train to London’s St Pancras – the train was completely jammed pack with commuters going to London on a Friday evening. Getting off at the busy station, we then had to find a taxi to take us home.

Ten hours later – we were finally home. Mum wanted us to stretch our legs after sitting most of the day – we went for a nice leisurely walk around the neighbourhood. And as we walked past familiar streets, familiar scents and familiar sights – it felt good to be home.

After supper, I just wanted to lie in our bed and enjoy being home.

I am ready for bed!

But Mum decided to take a bath – darn!

I begrudgingly went to sit on the bath mat while she soaked in the bath.

May’s comment: It was tiring but it really did not take us that long. It is always nice to be home.


  1. Cheryl

    Welcome Home. So glad you made it home safely! I enjoyed going along on your adventure!

  2. Kathy

    Welcome home!! George will be so happy to see you I’m sure!

  3. Julie mcevilly

    Fabulous adventure yet again!
    Looking forward to your reunion with George piccys. Pleased you had such a lovely trip xx

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