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  • IMG_3429Six-month old Flora
  • IMG_3561Good bye Tiger Rose

February Hyde Park Doodle Meet

It must be because it is a Leap Year that our February Meet yesterday was extra special in many ways. It wasn’t even a particularly nice day, winter is overstaying its welcome but almost 30 doggies came to play.

IMG_3489L-R: Alfie, Teddy, Miuccia, Cookie, Coco, Rusty, Jeb, Cody, George, Darcy, Bobby, Max, Missy, Lucca, Lola, Rosie, Maisie, Mack, Flora, Dash, Matilda, Spook, Dillon, Teddy, Harry, Grace

Missing: Spencer, Toffee, GusIMG_3574 IMG_3573The regulars as well as new facesIMG_3429Meet six-month old Flora.

And then there’s Ted, previously called Edward. IMG_3462Edward was left in a box with a note. Apparently he was bought on Gumtree and they assumed that the owners had no idea that a dog could possibly chew on things or have accidents at home. His owner found him at Battersea Dogs Rescue and thankfully, he is now in his new forever home. Someone’s loss and someone else’s gain. We now know that Ted will really enjoy his new life being a happy cockapoo!

And along came Gus. IMG_3533He didn’t know about our monthly meets. He was just walking past and we stopped him to say hello!

Now we have a good representation of cavapoos.  There’s Spook – who grew as big as a cockapoo!12788419_201038543590012_1776770848_oAnd there’s Matilda – who is slightly smallerIMG_3539And then there’s Teddy who is even smaller!IMG_3544 And along came Harry and GraceIMG_3549 From all those Cavapoos that comes to our meets these days, it was inevitable that a Cavachon will turn up too.IMG_3501Meet Dillon!

Even George has a Hungarian friend, Jeb who came with Cody.IMG_3479Jeb, the one with the green harness, is a Hungarian Puli. He came from Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue – like George. It was his first meet with us. His brother is Cody.

Sometimes other doggies would come and join us and we would all be intrigued – sometimes we follow them out of our patch. LOL!IMG_3523 And in our midst today is a family looking for a cockapoo.  Niki and Steve are friends from Marlow and they lost Myrtle, a cocker spaniel, just about a year ago. They are now looking for a new dog and had heard that cockapoos might be a good idea. So they came to meet us!IMG_3535And their son, Jack who is at the Royal Veterinarian College came along. He doesn’t need convincing!  He even likes George!IMG_3505It was also a day we remembered one of our friend, Tiger-RoseIMG_3448

May’s comment: Maybe one day we will become a cross-breed meet!  LOL!

We will make a decision if the next meet will be the end of March (Easter Sunday) or the first weekend in April.

As for my friends who were there to meet cockapoos, the father who just about tolerates dogs commented at the end of it – “What a nice group of people!”

To which I answered, “If you have dogs, you are most probably a nice person!” 🙂


  1. Mary DiGenova

    Looks like fun! I would love to bring my Rocky next year!!

  2. Alex

    sorry we weren’t there – has been a while since we came… Fingers crossed for next time!!

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