Ready and Fit-to-Fly

We have been preparing George to go on his first flight abroad.  In the past we had travelled by train to Amsterdam and Berlin but this time Mummy is taking him to Mallorca.

Sleepy Pod training?img_4700All on board and going well. George seems very comfortable in there. Maybe not completely sure but he knows there are treats when he gets in there. Status – Ongoing

Treats to go with Sleepy Pod?  Check. Our lovely friend Emma from Lily’s Kitchen supplied us with the training treats to take with us on our flight.  Very much required when taking off and landing when he has to stay in the bag.

Potential problem? In training him to get into the bag, he’e been getting lots of little treats. And treats little or large makes them put on weight. He had recently gained more weight since he came to live with us. He started off at 5kgs. For awhile he stayed at 5.5kgs. And this year he’s weighing in at 6kgs!

Vet check for fit-to-fly and travel?  George doesn’t like going to the vets.img_6007He gets really stressed. Not me. I associate vets with treats.img_6008 img_6011 Even treats do not convince George that this is a place he enjoys coming to.img_6014Bravecto? Yup! While Georgie gets his booster just in case he runs into some animal there, I needed mine before I go off to the House of Mutt in Suffolk.

Passport updated? Yup!  And importantly – we have made a vet appointment in Mallorca for next Wednesday.

Food sorted?  Travelling with boxes of WONDERBOO. And if we fall short, Mummy will go to the butchers or supermarkets in Mallorca to get some minced raw meat. He won’t starve.

Tickets? Yup! Mummy had to pay for George to fly in cabin on Lufthansa and Air Berlin, and then the price of a child second class ticket when they’re travelling from Frankfurt to Dusseldorf, as well as the kennel fee for Stenaline for when they return to the UK.

BON VOYAGE George.  Enjoy your Mummy time.

May’s comment: Let’s just get going. A year later, we’re on our way.


  1. Neyra

    Safe travels!

  2. Alicia

    Have a fantastic trip!

  3. Laura Cordovano

    Have a blast. I give my doggies
    Pet Calm drops when flying. It’s very calming and helps with stress. Most pet stores have them. They really work. Bon voyage!

  4. Margaret Danks

    Safe travels May and Georgeous. I can’t wait to see the next instalment. Have fun at HOM Miss Darcy.

  5. Charlotte

    Very interested to hear the logistics of the return journey. Have a fantastic time!

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