For he’s a jolly good fella.

Jake lived a long and happy life.

He also made sure he passed on New Year’s Eve – that way his hoomans will always think about him at the passing of every year.

Puppy days

Jake was born in Australia on the 4th December, 2001. When he was three months of age, he and his litter were flown to Singapore where his parents adopted him. He was the last of the litter to go – and almost wasn’t chosen as he was already five months old. But thankfully they did!.

Jake joined the family – Bullet, a Weimaraner and Pistol, a Chihuahua at his forever home.

Guess he filled in the middle size chart! LOL!

A family portrait by Marc Tetro.

But Jake’s journey did not stop there. He and his entire family then moved to Taipei, then to Johannesburg and back to Singapore.

Jake had a final move in August 2017 – to the UK. Bullet and Pistol have passed on.

He made some English friends in his latter years.

And he lived life till the very end.

He celebrated his 18th birthday on 4 December!

4 Dec 2001 – 31 Dec 2019

But on New Year’s Eve, he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Good night, Jake! We’ve thought of you often in the last couple of years knowing they would be your last – always hoping we would see you one more time. It is still hard to believe we won’t see you again.

May’s comment: Jake belongs to Loren and Carolyn, friends from my days at De Beers. Over the years, our lives have moved on, but we’ve kept in touch. I visited with them in Singapore – and I remember vaguely there were dogs in the household but it wasn’t a thing for me back then.

They had a family but I think it was really our dogs that brought us together in the last few years when they moved to the UK.

We’ve met Jake a few times but he was already too old to play. We knew it was his last years and every time I hear from Carolyn, I always wondered how he was. And so finally it was his time to go.

He led a good long life. He saw the world. He was incredible till the end.

But Jake has been immortalised by Marc Tetro. So whenever you see the Jack Russells on his mugs, greeting cards, notepads – you’ll know that’s Jake.

Think will need to get a Jake mug.

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  1. Jill Keiser

    It is wonderful to read about a dog like Jake who lived a long happy life loved by his hoomans and other doggies.

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