Frank at Fleur b.

After our find at Finns on Markham Sqaure, we were walking along when we saw this doggy in the window. We weren’t sure if he was a real doggy at first because he looked like a dachshund but had an unusual coat!  Then he moved when he saw us!!!  He’s real!!!

So we went into the store to check him out IMG_0270He came to greet us immediately!IMG_0234His owner who works in the shop told us he’s called Frank!IMG_0268 Frank showed us around the shop.  I was already off to check behind the counter – that’s where you usually find food!IMG_0240Frank and George had a good play while I checked out the rest of the boutique.IMG_0275And George got on his back for more attentionIMG_0264 May’s Comment: This is Fleur b. – a boutique just down the road from Finns on Elystan Street.

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  1. margaret danks

    What an unusual, but beautiful dog

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