The Boy who wanted a dog but not anymore! (The Poo Test)

Kai was begging his Mummy for a dog. He loves dogs. Every time he comes to London, we always go for walks with him and his mummy. He “desperately” wants one – he claimed.

I met Kai when he was only 4. Now he’s 7. He used to be a little afraid of me but not any more.IMG_2039

He’s very much a boy – he’s very active, talks about godzilla and some other creature that we’ve never heard of.  Like all boys, he jumps around a lot and calls my name incessantly. I would have jumped at any of those behaviours but he doesn’t bother me most of the time. But I do still tell him off at times when I am annoyed. His response is always “Oh, gawd!” IMG_2160

So the story goes – he’s been begging his mother to have a dog. His mother’s excuse is that they live in Dubai and it’s too hot for a dog. Seriously? 🙂  We think it’s a pretty lame reason. But Mummy was sympathetic and helped out her friend in this instance. Mummy explained to Kai the responsibilities that came with having a dog. He was adamant that he knows what is involved and that he will take care of the dog. And then the big question – who’s picking up the poo? He reluctantly said he would.  So Mummy put him to the test!

And this is what happened –
IMG_2133 IMG_2131After that incident, he went home that night and had a good think. The next day, he told Mummy – “I don’t want a dog any more.”

Well, that’s good to know.  He still loves dogs – just decided to not have one and all the responsibilities that goes with it – especially the picking up of poo!  That’s called the poo-check!IMG_2149

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