George and 10 Poos

The weather forecast was 100% rain!After weeks of unrelenting heat, it had to rain on the day of our Doodle Meet!  But nothing was going to stop us from meeting up with our friends!

We had forgotten it was Ride London – and once again like last year, we were caught in the road closures! We were running late!

And there in the distance we could see the colourful doodles in their rain coats. The brave and the die-hards were all there!  As we raced towards the group, Lucca came to greet us.There’s the pink lady, Ellie – and her mummy! 🙂And Bella!We had a few first timers – FreddiePiper, an Instagram friend, came all the way from York!Do you like her skinny jeans look? <3

And Lola who was staying with us last night, visited from Rutland.We even had a hooman visitor, Sian from Chicago!Sian was one of our neighbours and I used to have playdates with her Pippa. But they moved back to Chicago, but Sian still comes to London – and she always comes to say hello. But we also had a last-timer.  Sadly, this maybe Jaffa’s last time she’ll be at our Doodle meet As some of you know, she’s moving to the countryside. But for today, she ran and played with her best mate, George.And she was a part of our group.We were mostly apricots today, and then there’s Lola <3
And er, yes, George too!

But we are all the same – we love treats!!! And whenever any non-doodles came into our gathering, we were curious, very curious … that is if George had not managed to chase them away.Even on this day that threatened to rain on our parade, there were ten of us doodles and then there was George.Left to right: Freddie, Lola, Rusty, Ellie, Bella (cavapoo), Darcy, Jaffa, Piper, Lucca – and George!

Missing: Leelo who came later and was smelling my bum!As we were leaving the park, we came across these blocks and just thought, we must take this opportunity to take a #squadgoal photo!That’s me, Jaffa, George, Piper and Lola – SNAP!

May’s comment: After weeks of hot and humid days, it chose to rain on our Doodle Meet! And we loved it! We were only too happy it wasn’t boiling hot for the doggies.

After the walk, we took the out-of-towners to lunch at The Fox and Pheasant –a recently refurbished gastro pub and there were seven dogs in the restaurant – four of them ours!

The Fox and Pheasant – 1 Billing Road, London SW10 9UJ

Who knows what the days of August will bring – but we wish you many more summer days and see you on the 26th August!



    If Maggiedog wasn’t so anti social I would bring her lol. She doesn’t like ‘ packs ‘ and gets quite nervous if more than 2 dogs approach her.

  2. Ian Harrison

    You were all brave considering the weather report. It rained up here in Manchester for the first time in weeks and Archie loved it! The first time he had chased his balls and run about for ages. Love Miss D’s coat, she looks so smart (and very cute)!

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