George is home!

Yup! I’m back.

Jaffa accompanied me home.  I ran past Mummy straight to the kitchen while Jaffa wanted her tummy rubbed.IMG_3342I needed to be bribed with treats. I am a bit annoyed why Mummy had left me for so long.

May’s comment: The good thing about having George back is that it immediately takes your mind off oneself and focuses on this little being.  As they all seem to do after I’ve “abandoned” them for a while, they go into a sulk.

I bribed him with treats and yup, he still remembers all his tricks. He still lets me brush him. But after that he goes off and sits by himself – sulking.

But this morning, nothing has changed …IMG_3358Breakfast?IMG_3359Please? I’m hungry.

Nothing’s changed. LOL!

But for this week he still gets picked up by Jaffa’s family and they take him for his morning walk as the girls walk to school.  IMG_3363George is with his best human friend, Tiger. They love each other.

He gets so excited when they arrive, running round in circles. It does make me feel a bit sad to see how much he prefers to go with them – I’m not much fun these days for him. So we thought I feed him in the morning and he comes home for supper – good form of bribery, and during the day he goes to play with Jaffa and the girls.  They fuss over them and he gets to run around.

Next week, we will all have to try to get back to normal. We hope.



  1. margaret danks

    So glad you are home May but Take it easy till you get your strength back. Maggiedog sulks too if we go out and leave her.

  2. Jocelyn

    Georgie Porgie.. So adaptable

  3. Alison Mullett

    Take it easy May. George will soon stop sulking when Darcy is home.
    Hope you’re back to full strength soon xxx

  4. Neyra

    Haha! You can tell George is mad in that first picture! So funny. He’s just like a little kid. So cute.

  5. Bev

    It just confusion, he loves you
    Hey George, mummy has been through a lot, she needs cuddles, xx
    Love tilly

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