When George met a Bolonka!

We think George is in love with Wilma.

This is the first time we’ve ever met a Bolonka Zwetna and George, he took to her immediately.IMG_7282 He couldn’t wait to meet her.IMG_7281 Giving her kisses.IMG_7283We met Wilma at a grooming party at Marley’s.

Here is Marley, all groomed and basking in the sun.IMG_7259We, the motley crew arrived, looking dishevelled and as always …IMG_7196 Begging for treats!IMG_7199First in line for the groom was Jaffa.IMG_7190Dearie me, Jaffa, you looked dreadful.  Thankfully, the fluffed up look suits you better.   IMG_7228I guess I shouldn’t speak – I was looking a bit scruffy!
IMG_7240So here we are – all spruced up after our groom!
IMG_7268Me, George, Marley, Charlie and Jaffa! And just then the bell rang.

In came a white fluff ball called Ted.IMG_7247Well, I guess that’s why he’s a Coton de Tuléar. Ted is six-months old and this was his first grooming.  It was good that we were all there to share our grooming experiences with him.  First he needed a bath IMG_7252and then we told him that the very loud blow dryer is all noise and will bring him no harm. He didn’t really believe us.

Ted is a rescue – and he only came to his forever home two months ago. I hope we will see more of him.

After he was groomed, Ted, George and Marley were like three different coloured fluff balls! LOL!IMG_7261Just then we were distracted by the arrival of Wilma. FullSizeRender (6)And George, he went ga-ga over Wilma. Sweet!  They actually look quite similar!  Maybe George has some Balonka in him too!

May’s comment: First time I’ve met a Coton de Tuléar –  a small breed dog with cotton-like coat and named for the city of Tuléar in Madagascar.IMG_7245

And I have never ever heard of a Bolonka Zwetnaya before.  They are originally from Russia, bred from the Bichon Frisé and further bred in Germany with other breeds. Wilma is a beauty – and George, who doesn’t really like other boy dogs, well, with Wilma, he was all charm.  Apparently the Bolonka is unusual in the UK, but quite common in Germany. Wilma came from a breeder in Germany but they now exist in the UK. Might be checking them out! 🙂


  1. Margaret Danks

    What beauties they all are. What a great idea, a pamper party for dogs. I must mention this to my friend who is a groomer.

  2. Monica Gale

    What a group of wonderful doggies, and a great idea for a doggy pampering session. I also spotted a Thermomix on the kitchen bench, I love my Thermomix M xxx

  3. Daniel Hall

    Just curious:

    At the start of this blog, Wilma is referred as her. At the end of the blog, Wilma is referred to as a boy dog. Transgender?

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