Georgie goes to Selfridges

Yesterday was a shopping day for Georgie. He got to walk Oxford Street and visited Selfridges – dogs are allowed in only if carried – in arms or in bag.

They first went to the shoe department – IMG_9234In the bag – the same one we travelled with when we went to Berlin – so he’s used to it.IMG_9235After Mummy got what she wanted, they went in search of Paddingtons.

They found one all the way upstairs in the toy department.   IMG_9243This was Camobear …IMG_9240But George was more interested in the “real” Paddington Bears!IMG_9245Hey look! There were lots of little ones too –IMG_9250Here’s George posing with all the Paddingtons!IMG_9256

As they left Selfridges, they saw the Golden Bear by Kate Moss in the store window.IMG_9257

May’s comment: On the Paddington Bear Trail – The Selfridges Collection this is our 5th and 6th Paddington Bear. 44 more to go!


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