Getting Dressed

When it rains, I have to put on a rain coat so I am not soaking wet.This is how Mummy puts on my windbreaker.

Right paw

IMG_6964 Left pawIMG_6968 Let’s fasten the frontIMG_6972 IMG_6969 Almost done!IMG_6973

Ready to roll!IMG_6926 No, I don’t think the hood works!IMG_6929


  1. Martine

    Love the hood x

  2. Love the coat Miss Darcy, you are such a beautiful little girl

  3. Chrissy

    You are such a stylish little girl, I wish my little Mylo would wear a raincoat, but he just loves getting wet. Hope mummy is getting better, I am sure you are giving her a lot of cuddles.

  4. So chic….Darcey is so well behaved…really amazing

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