Day 5: Getting ready for Christmas

Today we travel to Tromsø, the “Paris of the North”

We started the day by getting off at Harstad at 06.45 – the town was still asleepSo quietly still and the few cars that drove up to the port, their tyres muffled by the snow.That vessel with pretty lights has been our home the last few days and will be for the next few more.And we’ll be spending Christmas there.  As we approached the ferry, George said, “I don’t want to go back to the ferry yet!All this time, the crew on the ferry had already started getting breakfast ready.

We sailed on and the next stop was Finnsenes. It was only a 30 minute stopover but it looked so pretty outside, Mummy took us for a little walkabout …Pretty little village …And hey! I spy Father Christmas!!!He’s checking his list. making sure he has the good boys, girls and pooches on his list for tonight.We didn’t have time to knock on his door as the boat was leaving – As usual George didn’t want to get back on, so Mummy picked him up. George, we have to get going or we’ll miss the boat.

We sail onwards towards Tromsø – where the Christmas celebrations began. We docked at 14.15 and went for a quick walk around the town and saw Snowman, but no Snowdog.

May’s comment:  Have always wanted to visit Tromsø so here we are! Bigger than all the towns we had stopped at earlier, all the pretty lights.

So we’re here for Christmas! Couldn’t have planned it better. Loving every minute of it!


  1. Margaret Danks

    Have a wonderful Christmas May, Darcy and George. With love from Maggiedog and I .

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    It looks wonderful, dare I say very Christmassy.🐾🎄🎄

  3. Cheryl and Susie

    Merry xmas to all three love Cheryl and Susie (yorkipoo)

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