“Goodbye” doesn’t mean forever

All good things must come to an end. I had an unexpectedly longer stay at House of Mutt than had originally planned.  But today, I take leave to go home to Mummy.

Bye Mutts! I’ve enjoyed this past week with you – whether we were running through wooded paths or across open fields11222060_1224525174231403_5919626261526026626_n all of us getting soaking wet together 12038540_1230699866947267_7750230728054474138_nAnd falling asleep together in the living room.11063580_1229474347069819_3335277318721634903_n 12009841_1229663967050857_6198021471337668025_n 12088314_1231008256916428_4096556306899905190_nAs always, I was really, really happy – to see Sarah, the familiar surroundings and then there’s my Hector!  unnamed-20He’s the resident dog at House of Mutt. He’s the familiar face and always gets my full-on greeting of licking, bouncing and upside-down’ing.

I am a little shy with the others whom I have never met, so I put on my aloof look, pretending I’m not so interested.   All it takes is a good walk/run around and I overcome my awkwardness and shyness with them.12033170_1222924471058140_1514445477833575394_nAfter that, then my lovely old, Hector is slightly ignored while I romp and play with the young ones.

But when a new dog arrives at the House of Mutt and I am uncertain about the new “mutt” I will go and sit next to my trusted Hector in our meet-and-greet process.  unnamed-22Hector, may not be the most exciting daily companion but he will always be my loyal and dependable rock.

So, Hector, I leave you again but I will be back soon in the near future. IMG_3368 I love you …IMG_3369And when I return, I shall look for you my friend and my rock.IMG_3370May’s comment: Can’t wait to see you my little Cockapoo!


  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Hope you’re on the mend May….you must be very excited about seeing D’Arcy again. Take care with her over enthusiasm. Enjoy your weekend. Xx

  2. margaret danks

    Oh how lovely! Hector is a very handsome chap and I love your ” meet and greet ” pose.

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