Goodbye LOVEly Ljubljana …

You know how we’ve said there’s something about Slovenia – there seems to be a happy energy about it.

We weren’t the only ones who felt that way.

After one last walk in the park, we left Hotel Cubo for the train station.  The cab driver inquired about our stay and where we’re going.  We’re off to Paris!

Did you enjoy Ljubljana?”he inquired. “Yes, very much. Though it was for only one night.”

There’s something very nice about Slovenia,” Mum continued. And immediately the driver concurred.  He nodded and said without prompting, “There’s a very happy energy here.”

He’s Croatian and besides being a taxi driver he’s also a trainer. And he continued to tell us that a lot of them are immigrants from other former Yugoslavian states.  And he went on to rationalise that maybe because of all the wars and hardship that had happened in their lifetime, that people are just happy to be safe and grateful for their peace times.

As we arrived at the train station, we said goodbye and went on to find our platform. We had ample time. We walked slowly, no rush, stopped for a wee and still had 45mins till the train arrived. As we approached one of the benches on the platform to sit, we saw this graffiti on it. LOVE! 

The train to Stuttgard pulled into the station. We boarded and found our compartment in which we will sit for the next nine hours – passing through Slovenia into Austria and then arriving in Stuttgard, Germany – the longest train journey yet – taken during the day.

The longest train journey during this trip had been the overnight from Munich to Zagreb for ten hours.

It sure gave us a lot of time to catch up with our blogging! Since the party began on Wednesday evening, we haven’t have the time to write.  So we made good use of this down time to catch up on the writing.  

After nine hours, we changed trains at Stuttgard – time for some relief. Then it was back on the train for another two and half hours till we arrived in Paris.  Ahhhh – gay Pareeeee! More like grey Pareeee. We’re back in Northern Europe!

This is one last leg stretch, one more hotel.  Georgie, we’ll be home soon!

May’s comment:  A few of you asked what happens if Darcy needed to wee on these long train rides. Well, the answer is both of them sleep through the night and from the last pee of the day till the next morning – it is at least ten hours. We don’t have the luxury of a garden to go out whenever they want so they are properly house-trained.  When we do go on one of these long journeys, I always made sure they have at least a last wee before we board. In planning I do keep that in mind and try to make stops whenever we cab to avoid these long journeys.

The other thing I now do whenever we arrive in Paris is to pre-order a G7 taxis as most of them are NOT dog-friendly. We pre-book a G7 taxi online, requesting for one that would take dogs – and pre-pay the fare.  I couldn’t bear the thought of arriving at 10pm and waiting in line to be refused by taxi drivers till one came along who will be kind enough to take us.


  1. Sheryl Sundheimer

    I am from the State of Michigan in the USA! I have a rescue Goldendoodle and a rehomed Labradoodle. I have had 7 rescue dogs through 30 years. I love love love your blog. I have followed you all for awhile. Your travels are fascinating. I have traveled in the US and Belguim with quick side trips to The Netherlands and Paris. All day trips. Keep traveling. Warm hugs.

  2. Poppy


    Nice blog and super nice dog. I’d like to correct you with the statistics 83% of Slovenians are ethnic Slovenes. He may said a large procent of the immigrant population is Ex- Yugoslav, may be up
    to 90%.

    Have a nice day

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