GRATITUDE to the Essentials

Last night again we showed our gratitude again to our carers.

To the NHS staff who give so much of themselves – the doctors, the nurses, carers, volunteers on the frontline helping those affected by the COVID-19.

And ALSO to all those hoomans who continue to make our lives possible because of what they do – while we are staying in to make everyone safe.


Every day as we sit on our flat continuing to keep our social distance, these people keep us going. From the bin man …

To the postmen who keep going …

As we are stuck at home, many of us have been getting our shopping done online – and these are the people who bring them to us, risking their own health.

To the teachers, the police, the truck drivers that bring produce to the food shops, the staff in all the food stores to keep the shelves stocked, the pharmacists to fill prescriptions … all the people who make it possible for us to stay home, we say THANK YOU!

I am not looking cross. I am being serious, trying to hold back a tear.

May’s comment: Lovely note written by someone in our mansion block.

These are usually the people who are at minimal wages or under paid, and taken for granted before this happened. While we are keeping safe in our homes, these people carry on in their essential jobs risking themselves to infection.

Every day I look forward to the postman putting something through the door, or the delivery man ringing the bell. They are my only “visitors” while all this is happening.

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  1. Cheryl

    Stay safe, Cheryl and Susie x

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