It wasn’t me

Early this morning Georgie started retching … as soon as he jumped off the bed, I ran to the bathroom – hoping he would follow me – because that’s where I would go if I am feeling unwell.

Mummy was still half asleep when she heard the noise.  When she saw me running to the bathroom, she ran after me – not realising that it was Georgie who was getting sick on her carpet!

By the time she realised it was George, she ran back to the bedroom and voila! The deed was done.

She scurried off to the kitchen to get the Extreme odour and stain remover while George, who now knows that he had done something wrong, ran to the bathroom and stood next to me in the corner.

We both hung our heads in shame.IMG_7377Whoa! Wait a minute. But it wasn’t me – so why am I feeling guilty? Well, because I know Mummy won’t be happy.

But George has now realised that is not something he should do. I was hoping he would have learnt by now that if he gets sick, he needs to go to the bathroom.

He at least jumped off the bed and was just inches away from wooden floors in the hallway.  I was hoping he would have come with me into the bathroom.

Maybe next time he will follow my example.

But all’s forgotten and as he felt sorry for himself, Mummy called him back for cuddles as it was still too early to get up.IMG_7380 And I looked on to make sure he’s ok too. IMG_7381No, not jealous as this is usually my morning spot on the bed – maybe just a wee bit jealous as Mummy was giving Georgie lots of strokes and cuddles and saying sweet nothings.

May’s comment: Darcy learnt from an early age (by herself) that if she had a bad tummy or getting sick, she runs to the bathroom. So when she heard George retching this morning, she immediately ran to the bathroom. Wonder if she was telling him to do the same. But he didn’t and he knew he shouldn’t have done so.

After I had done soaking up the vomit on my carpet (poor carpet!), I wondered where they had both gone only to find them both sitting side by side in the bathroom. I was amazed – both looking guilty!!!!

George has on and off retched up bile. He used to throw up his food because he ate too fast but after the gobble bowl was introduced – that stopped. We’ve been to the vet to have him checked and they couldn’t find anything wrong with him – so maybe it’s just a digestive issue. But never a nice thing to hear them retching.


  1. Julia

    Aww poor George and good girl Darcy for trying to help. Harry use to sick up bile but now he has 1/2 carrot or apple before bed and no problems.

  2. Bev

    Yes Julia my Tilly used to do it too when very hungry, like first thing, supper stopped her issues also

  3. Margaret Danks

    They both look so sad! And well done Miss Darcy for trying to show wee Georgie that the bathroom is a big sick bowl. Hope georgie is feeling better. Hugs from Maggiedog x

  4. Tracey

    Poor George, but well done darcy trying to show her little bro the etiquette on been sick!

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