Harlow is out there somewhere …

Little Harlow was four months old when she “disappeared” on the 25th May (Bank Holiday weekend) in the Whiterock Close area, of Graigwen, Pontypridd (Wales).

She was out for a walk when a bigger dog scared her and she started to run towards her mummy.10866209_1625029034402035_3765117105954408059_oJust then a strimmer started and scared her into running off.

Her owners ran after her and searched for her all night in the woods but she was nowhere to be found.  It has been seven weeks since she was lost.

They have checked with everyone involved with lost dogs, they have gone on social media, they have exhausted all their means – but no Harlow.

If you see a little Chihuahua that looks like Harlow, can you please ask it’s owner where she came from?  There is a possibility that she might have been accidentally found and they did not know that she’s missing.  Or she could have been sold and the person who has her did not know that Harlow belongs to a family – and she needs to go home.10498280_1612463512325254_5913237721321736267_oShe is only a puppy. And she has a family who desperately wants her back.  Please help spread the word and share the news about Harlow.  Please help bring Harlow home.

May’s comment:  Harlow is a tiny, grey/black little Chihuahua. She was 4 months old when she went missing on the 25th of May. She has a little black mask with black tipped ears, she has a grey long coat with black tips through it. She has one white paw on her right in the front. Her head is of a beige colour and has a little birthmark on her belly.  She is chipped.WP_20150427_002This is a request from Harlow’s owners …

Despite all their efforts and staying in the wood all night searching, she appears to have disappeared without a trace.
We believe that someone may have picked her up, not knowing where she belongs, have taken good care of her and over the weeks fallen in love with her, or that she has fallen into the hands of someone who has sold her on and that someone may have bought her in good faith, not knowing that she is missing from a family who love her very much.
We have worked solidly since that day, searching locally for her, and spreading awareness both locally and nationally via social media. Our lives are on hold until we can bring her home, the not knowing is unbearable. We are offering a £2,000 reward for the safe return of Harlow, with no questions asked. We hope that if someone realises that they, or someone they know, unwittingly has found, or bought, Harlow they will understand that she belongs with us and that by returning her they could use the money to buy their own puppy and still have money to use as they wish, we want nothing else other than to have her home where she belongs.
In terms of value, Harlow has none in terms of breeding, she is too small and will always be too small to breed from, any attempt to do so, will only incur extensive veterinary bills for whoever owns her. Harlow’s only value is as a pet. If there is anything you can do to help us end the terrible anguish that losing her has caused us, we will be more grateful than we have words for .
Even if you have no information that can help us find her, we would ask you to visit our Facebook page/Twitter page and help us spread the word as we believe awareness could bring the answer to our prayers.”

Please follow all activities to Find Harlow on this dedicated Facebook page or call 07890581814 if you see her.

Please share.



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