Have backpack will travel – easier

Yay! Mummy’s all sorted when she has to take the both of us in the tube.George in a backpack and me on her lap – a little difficult to sit comfortably, especially on a longish train ride. But Mummy was mighty pleased and George, he seemed ok.  Sometimes he was so quiet that Mummy had to look in a reflection to see if he was still conscious. She was just a little worried if his body against hers might be too hot. Otherwise he was well ventilated.

We were on our way to visit with Jensen and Enzo
Who were sitting under the tree awaiting our arrival!Jensen was very curious as to who could be in their crates in their car!
It’s me, guys!They were too excited so Sam told them to back off!Yes, it’s the dog greeting.All under control!And we were off for a run in the garden.Exploring all the nooks and cornersAh yes, and then there was George!  He didn’t say in the backpack in case you were wondering.He was trying to keep up with us “agility lot”! LOL! As we came charging towards the hoomans, Mummy couldn’t figure out who’s me and who’s Jensen!
There we were – two apricots and two, er, well one big black and one small black dog.After all that running, we were thirsty!No, Mummy wasn’t taking a photo of me drinking. She was actually disgusted that I went rolling on some fresh pile of bark – and I had a dusting of bark all over my face. 
While we quenched our thirst, Sam was setting up Afternoon Tea – Mummy’s favourite “meal”Which was of great interest to us as well.

When the table was set,Sam insisted that George gets to take a photo with the spread because she correctly observed that he always gets left out of our photos. Mummy explained herself – that he’s usually too small to make an impact and he’s usually a black blob!

And he sat and he posed. He’s quite good at that by now.  
But see what we mean – a black blob almost lost amongst all the display of food. But Jensen was all excited about what’s on the table!The “twins” looked on as the hoomans ate.

But that George …He was running so happily by himself – the world was his oyster, or rather the large fenced in garden.He just ran with glee and then came back to us.  Sam promised Mummy that there was absolutely no way he could get out – there’s rabbit fencing right around the whole garden. That’s the kind of garden we need for George! It has enough interest for him to run around, undergrowth to explore and large enough to run – and he’s contained. Wish list for Mummy – a large fenced-in garden.

Soon it was time to leave And again Jensen looked to see why I was back in his crate!

Back on the train to London. This time Mummy took the backpack off her and held backpack and George on her lapAfter all that running, George fell asleep in Mummy’s arms on the way home. Tired little boy.

And I took my place on the floor of the train – That’s how life is these days. Whenever we travel together, George gets to be on Mummy’s lap and I’m on the floor.

May’s comment: It is not easy travelling with two pooches when you have to take the tube. When I learnt about the Ruffit Backpack, I thought – that might be useful to have.  I ordered one when I was in NY and have not really used it until this past weekend when we were invited to tea. Destination was at the end of the Metropolitan line – too far to take a cab and I don’t like driving. So the tube, it was.Thank you for a lovely visit, Sam, Enzo and Jensen!

And just in case anyone is quick to judge the use of a backpack, try travelling with two dogs in the London Underground – dogs must be carried on the escalators for their safety and unless they are two lap dogs, it’s not an easy task.


  1. Cheryl

    That photo of George asleep in your arms is so darn cute!

  2. Karen Penrose

    George looked so happy in all the pics.

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    Georgie certainly seems to like the backpack arrangement. Not sure about Miss D, she looks a bit put out by having to lie on the floor.

  4. Alison Mullett

    What a great idea for tube travel and George looked quite comfortable! So lovely to spend time with good friends.

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