Hello! Are you out there?

Harlow, we’re still looking for you.

A year ago today, Harlow, who was only 4 months old, went for a walk in the Whiterock Close area of Graigwen, Pontypridd when she was frightened by a loud noise and started to run down this path.13236080_996209183761633_235828721_nIt was 3:30pm – on a busy bank holiday, 25th May.

The path where Harlow ran off was the lower path of a wooded area. It runs behind people’s backgardens of Whiterock Close and Whiterock Drive – a very busy public walk way where people are often busy in their back gardens and where people walk their dogs.  It is not deep in the woods where she went missing.

Her owners live very close by and they had searched for her all this time.  And  still searching.

We are hoping that someone had taken Harlow by accident and did not know how to return her to the rightful owners.  So if you do remember seeing a little long-haired grey/black Chihuahua running scared that day – please let us know. Or share this just in case someone remembered seeing her the day it happened.

May’s comment: Harlow is a grey / black, female Chihuahua.10866209_1625029034402035_3765117105954408059_o-580x326 She went missing on (Bank Holiday) Monday,25th May at 3:30pm in the Whiterock Close area, of Graigwen, Pontypridd.

Despite all their efforts and staying in the wood all night searching, she appears to have disappeared without a trace. We believe that someone may have picked her up, not knowing where she belongs, have taken good care of her and over the weeks fallen in love with her, or that she has fallen into the hands of someone who has sold her on and that someone may have bought her in good faith, not knowing that she is missing from a family who love her very much.
We have worked solidly since that day, searching locally for her, and spreading awareness both locally and nationally via social media. Our lives are on hold until we can bring her home, the not knowing is unbearable. We are offering a £2,000 reward for the safe return of Harlow, with no questions asked. We hope that if someone realises that they, or someone they know, unwittingly has found, or bought, Harlow they will understand that she belongs with us and that by returning her they could use the money to buy their own puppy and still have money to use as they wish, we want nothing else other than to have her home where she belongs.
In terms of value, Harlow has none in terms of breeding, she is too small and will always be too small to breed from, any attempt to do so, will only incur extensive veterinary bills for whoever owns her. Harlow’s only value is as a pet. If there is anything you can do to help us end the terrible anguish that losing her has caused us, we will be more grateful than we have words for .
Even if you have no information that can help us find her, we would ask you to visit our Facebook page/Twitter page and help us spread the word as we believe awareness could bring the answer to our prayers.

There is a substantial reward for Harlow’s safe return or any information that will lead to her safe return.

Please call 07890581814 if you remember seeing her that day a year ago.


  1. Alison Wood

    Hi,can you put a post up regarding missing Margaret. She is a much loved furbaby stolen from bilborough in Nottingham in march. Teacup Yorkshire terrier.5 months old when stolen with a top lip that comes further over the bottom lip.There is a thousand pound reward and human mummy has her dna and her parents. She isnt chipped,was supposed to be few days after stolen as needed really small chip ordering.She escaped when door was open but last seen being picked up at end of road in a silver car. There is a Facebook page for her.

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