“He-who-has-no-name” has a name!

So now that little dinky “he-who-has-no-name” is home we can give him a new name.

And we’ve decided he will be called –


His namesake … George Clooney! GeorgeClooney_065909-300x300Not just because he’s got the salt and pepper look, with soft brown eyes but he like the other George is equally charming!

And as George Clooney gave up his bachelorhood this weekend, and promised to have and to hold forever his wife, Mummy too promised to have and to hold George and give him a forever home.  A lot of similarities going on here.

Besides George the mutt is now a UK resident, albeit an immigrant – and we think it is a very appropriate name.

A Scottish name was considered. Mummy liked “Hamish.” Reason being he came into our lives on the 18th September – the day of the big Scottish Independence vote. But we thought along with his physical attribute and personalities that reminded us of Mr. Clooney, Prince George for the moment is still on track to being a future King of Scotland – till the next Scottish referendum.  So that makes it our Scottish connection.  “Hamish” did come a very, very close second but we thought he should be English – just in case those Scots decide on some other way to leave the United Kingdom.

There was consideration of a Hungarian name – to remember where he came from. Besides not finding anything we particularly liked except maybe for Otto, and someone suggested “goulash” – we also thought that was his not so happy past.  Let’s leave that behind us and not have to remember where he came from and the hardships he endured. Let’s start anew.

So welcome, George – into our home and into our hearts. You will be safe and we will love you and protect you.

And since there’s been such great consensus (from vet, groomer, and everyone who has met him) that he looks like a poodle cross (we don’t really know)  he will be a an honorary member of the Hyde Park Cockapoo Friends! So while you’re reading this – we’re off to the park for our Hyde Park meet where all poo crosses are welcomed!

Mummy wants to send samples in to get his DNA.  Sooooo exciting.  But maybe she shouldn’t just in case they are right that he’s a puli cross and no poodle in him!!! Then what do we do?!?!?!

More later …

P.s. Mummy told me about her “claim to fame”  – she told me she kissed George Clooney many, many years ago – when she presented him at the Batman Premiere in Hong Kong. She said she had to kiss him then or forever she would regret.  🙂

May’s comment: Who ever thought it would be so difficult to find a name!

We thought George is a big serious name for a little mutt with no pedigree!  We like the humour of it. IMG_4552The name actually came to us via Kim as we were driving him home. I already had thoughts of keeping him and had said, if I keep him, his name will have to change – and further encouraged when I was reminded what “Bobo” meant in most languages. The only really positive ones were Chinese which meant precious and in Korean, it meant kisses. And since they are cultures that eat dogs – we ruled out those “positives”.

I was surprised to see that he has the salt and pepper look , it would have been Richard for Richard Gere but he’s now all white! And Kim suggested George for Clooney! And one look at him – that precious little face of a mutt needed a BIG name.

Once I knew he was going to stay, we’ve been practicing.  He has learnt to come when being called George – when at home or in confined spaces. But out in the open he still does not really respond – too many distractions.

So every time I call him, I shall think of Mr. Clooney – what it would have been like to be hollering at him or telling him he’s a good boy! And as for Miss Darcy, well, she’s filling a space that no Mr. Darcy can fill.




  1. Nicola

    So happy for all of you!!

  2. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    What a result….love Mr George and Miss Darcy keep up the news. Good luck to you all. X

  3. Maggie Danks

    I’m so happy you have decided to keep him May, and George is my favourite name ! I’m sure MissDarcy will love him too. You will have to buy a cuddle chair so they can both sit beside you. Good luck. X

  4. Aine Coutinho

    Congrats to you all! Delighted for you!

  5. Judith Vogel

    Welcome to George!
    Lots of licks to George and Miss Darcy

  6. Miami Malteses

    YAAAY!!! We are so happy you and Mummy have given George a forever home!

  7. Rebecca

    Love the new name & really enjoy reading this Blog!
    Both Darcey’s & May’s comments x

  8. Otto Carroll

    May, should I be glad he wasn’t named Otto? Sounds like a good name to me….


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