High Places

Dogs are usually not allowed in tall “iconic” buildings.  Maybe it’s the high security, maybe it’s the confinement of tight spaces and too many people in a big building. Or maybe simply the buildings are too new and they don’t trust us not to soil them. 🙂

So again and again, it’s Impostor that gets to do the honours.  This was Impostor at The Shard on New Year’s Eve.IMG_1859They were at the viewing gallery and open-air observation deck on the 72nd floor.

Yesterday Impostor and Mummy went to Burg Khalifa – the world’s tallest buildingIMG_2393 – they went all the way up to the 122nd Floor!!!! IMG_2360They could have gone to the observation deck on the 148th floor, but opted to enjoy the view with champagne and tea with Ellen – who is Kai’s mummy.IMG_2370P.S. – Kai is “the boy who wanted a dog but decided he didn’t any more”

Down below at the front of the building – IMG_2402was just another day in Dubai –IMG_2384 IMG_2379 IMG_2381But sometimes even Impostor gets turned away – like at the Taj Mahal where she was classified as “animal”.  She was left at security while stray dogs were roaming inside the grounds.

May’s comment:  The last time I was in Dubai, Burg Khalifa was only half way up – so this was one of the things I wanted to go to. We didn’t go up to the observatory deck on the 148th floor as we opted to enjoy the view while having tea in AT-MOSPHERE bar.  It was only at the 122nd floor – but that was already higher than any of the other “tall buildings” I’ve visited besides The Shard:

Empire State Building – outdoor viewing platform on the 102nd floor

World Trade Center – outdoor viewing platform on the 110th floor


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  1. Julia

    I think it would have been too hot for you in Dubai Miss Darcy!! I know it’s air conditioned everywhere but still hot!
    Much more fun at House of Mutt

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