Hobble, hobble George

I’m hopping around on three legs – not sure why.

Maybe I’ve been playing too rough over the weekend?

Maybe I had too much fun.  It suddenly happened on Sunday afternoon. We had come off the Doodle Express and was walking towards the car when it started to bother me.  Mum noticed I was licking my right back paw.  She checked it out for me and saw nothing there. I hobbled all the way to the restaurant and sat quietly and preferred to be on the floor. But um picked me up for cuddles.I had been told I have a luxating patella. Ever so often when I am running, I lift up one of my back legs. Thankfully it is always one of the two back legs – never been both. It lasts for a while and then disappears. So mum was hoping this was the same. But I kept hobbling as we walked.

And I never stopped spinning with excitement when we’re about to go out.

Mum thought it can’t be that bad but maybe should check it out with the vet. Last night, Mum watched as I was up to my usual – always picking up a toy to nibble on the bed and just in case Mum wants to play chase with me.

Mum was watching to see if I could still do my usual jumping up on the bed.  She thought to video me just in case I am better but she wanted to show the vet how bad it was. I was just trying to get on the bed but I knew I would have difficulty. And then I tried.

Oouch!!!! That was painful!

May’s comment: I have never heard George cry in pain before – that video just broke my heart. I didn’t stop the video  – it actually recorded the phone being thrown on the carpeted floor and a lot of crunching sounds of the bedding as I lifted George in my arms and sat on the bed cradling him as he cried in pain. Oh my God!!!!! His little cries! He’s usually a tough little guy. He whines and he whinges -as he complains, but he had never cried in pain. Even when he’s hobbling around with his luxating patella, he just gets on with things. This time when he fell backwards when he couldn’t make it up the bed, he didn’t cry immediately. He got up like nothing happened and then realised he was in a lot of pain.

We had an emergency appointment at the vet today and as usual, he was shaking. He doesn’t like going to the vet but he was amazingly brave when they examined him as he stood on the examination table.

There’s nothing “broken” and he didn’t cry when the vet straightened his legs. The vet could feel a slight inflammation and maybe, he thinks he could have pulled a ligament or chipped some bone. Possible rupture of his cranial cruciate ligament – similar to a humans ACL. He wanted George back at the surgery tomorrow morning for some x-rays and to probe further. But for tonight, he had some pain-killer.

He feels better already and though still favouring his right back leg, he’s not hobbling so obviously. No more food after supper and back to the vet tomorrow morning.Let’s hope it was just a bad case of his usual luxating patella … and nothing more serious. He seems ok tonight. Very little hobbling. Maybe the vet pulled things back into place. We’ll know more tomorrow.



  1. Rita Betteridge

    Oh my, good luck little George . I wondered if he could have picked up a piece of flint or a glass splinter in his paw yesterday at Dungerness. …but your vet would know best. Hope he’s ok . Love and licks from Gracie. Xx

    • Miss Darcy

      No! We’ve checked. He wouldn’t have cried like that if it was something in his paw.

  2. Cecilia Lin

    Hope it’s nothing serious!

  3. Darren Farman

    Get well soon little man hope you have a comfortable night and you get sort tomorrow

  4. Rita and Gracie

    Hope he gets better soon and is running around like a loon again.xx

  5. Cheryl

    Oh no, poor George! I hope and pray it’s nothing too serious! Hugs! Feel better, George!

  6. Alison

    Poor George. Hope he is feeling better tomorrow

  7. Dr Marvin Firth

    Best wishes George!!

  8. Jill Keiser

    Our animal and hooman family are sending up prayers for George!

  9. Julie Winton

    I hope the x-ray gives a definitive answer as not knowing is so much worse. Poor little boy, he looked so sore.

  10. Liz Burman

    Oh poor little George! I do hope the X-rays will give you some answers, and it’s something that’s easily fixed.❤️❤️❤️

  11. Angela Dillon

    Having had the privilege of meeting George and Darcy properly at the Doodle Express we were so sad to hear George was having problems. He is as ‘Georgeous’ as he is in photos and videos and we wish him a speedy recovery. Get well soon George love and thoughts xxx

  12. Fiona Weller

    Sending positive thoughts for little George tomorrow xxx

  13. Laura Cordovano

    Oh poor baby. That cry!!! It just touched my heart. Do you think he has ever let it be known before that he is vulnerable? He’s always such a little toughie. Could he be shedding some of his street dog personna? That was definitely a I want my mommy cry. I pray there is nothing serious. Xo

  14. joan

    Hoping its nothing more than that. Mine does the same limps for an hour a day and he’s better, but now i have moveable stairs that he uses to lay in the window and to get up and down on my bed

  15. Angie Salmon

    Cuddles for a speedy recovery George. Having seen him on Sunday, I was surprised at how small he is, sooo cute ??

  16. Janice Rosen

    Sounds like a ruptured cruciate to me. Marley had one through an agility accident and had a TTO surgery. His other one is suspect but I have gone to a different vet who is not a surgeon and with laser therapy then hydro and us being careful he is managing it. We feel that the ‘ drawer’ test some vets do to check the cruciate is actually very severe and can actually finish off a partial tear. Good luck George. Hope all turns out well xx

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