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And the sun came out for us!

Thank you sun!  We had lots of first timers today! Our friend, Lilo (5+ months) who lives near us came to play –She met Roo (11 months), also with us for the first time.

And Lilo kept busy meeting other newbies –like Dougal, who is a very curly poo.

Another newbie is little Archie!Mummy thinks he looks a lot like me when I was his age.It’s Ellie’s first time joining us …as Teddy and Lilo checked out another ArchieAnd who is this?It’s Riley and he’s a Jackapoo!!! We think the poo got lost in translation! LOL!

We had intruders –George barked, I barked, we all barked
Collectively, Rusty, Archie, George and I, we drove him away!

It was a beautiful day – and today we were 15!
Left to right: Archie, Cookie, Darcy, Jasper, Lucca, Lilo, George, Rusty, Teddy, Ellie, Archie, Roo

Missing from group photo: Dougal, Spencer and Riley, the Jackapoo!

May’s comment: So many newbies today. And the sun came out!

Next Hyde Park meet will be the 25th June. Same time – 11:00 till noon. Same place – behind the Serpentine Gallery. Group photo will be attempted at 11:30!

We can;t wait to see how Archie would have grown. And for that matter, Lilo as well.

And as Summer arrives, Teddy, the cavapoo will be on a long holiday!We’ll see you in September, Teddy! Have a fabulous summer!

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