I am so glad you’re here …

Mummy always feels a little sad when Little Tyke goes home. Last night when we walked the streets – it was back to just the three of us. No Little Tyke to walk Georgie and count how many times he had pee’d.IMG_5398And this morning, I cuddled up close to Mummy to let her know we are here for her.IMG_5649And Georgie jumped in to say, “We’re here, Mummy. Don’t be sad. We will give you reasons to wake up every morning.”IMG_6132Like giving us our breakfastIMG_6118 Hmm, breakfast is a really good idea.IMG_6121 What do you think?IMG_6122 Lick, lick, lick?IMG_6123 How about it?IMG_6129May’s comment: Whenever Sasha is in town, my life seems to be put on hold.  Sometimes I fret about the things I can’t get done while spending time with him. I wish I do not have things to worry about and only focus on the time I am with him. But then when he leaves with his family to go back to their other home, my life also seem to stop. No more schedules, no more plans, no more questions to answer – well, at least not anything other than walking the dogs and getting on with my projects.  So thankfully for that one “empty” morning, I have my dogs to occupy my thoughts – for they need to be fed, they need to be walked and they need cuddles too.

This time I know it won’t be long before he and his sister are back here again. It will be just a little over two months when they’re back for the Summer … for two whole months.

Featured Image – photo credit: Sandy Wirth


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Two months will fly, and then those little munchkins will be back again. I love the top photo of the three of you walking in the twilight. I wish I could paint, it would make a lovely atmospheric water colour.

  2. Margaret Danks

    Your little furries are a constant in your life May, but it won’t be long until the little tykes will be back again.

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