At Prada, I can do no wrong!

Looks like we’re back to normal activities.  Mummy and I took the bus today to do some shopping. Been awhile since we were on a London bus.IMG_4108We were walking along Sloane Street when Mummy went in to say hello to the lovely staff who knows me by name and reads our blog!  Mummy is always curious what’s the latest trend in one of her favourite brands. She immediately spotted this very colourful display …IMG_4114 It’s “design your own Prada shoe”!!!IMG_4117 Mummy rather liked the red lips but she’s too practical and needed something basic that she can wear to walk us.IMG_4115Very colourful – yes, but not appetising.  Can I tell you that none of this is very exciting for me …
IMG_4123So I lay down quietly to wait while Mummy peruse the place …IMG_4130– and the staff exclaimed how elegantly I lay down.IMG_4131I can do no wrong when I am at Prada Sloane Street!IMG_4133May’s comment: Been awhile since I’ve been in shops, so thought to take a wander down Sloane Street and stopped in at Prada to say hello!IMG_4134And they were more delighted to see Darcy than me! She could do no wrong as she behaved impeccably!

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  1. Cecilia

    Yes Darcy is such a good girl! My molly is more like George, she slipped out of the gate when people were working in my back yard. My heart almost jumped out when I got home and did not see her waiting and welcoming me. I drove around my neighborhood calling out her name, after circling 2 times, there she was behind the gate in one of the homes on the next street! She went to see her friend who is a husky, she knows that they always leave the side gate unlocked, so I guess she just pushed through and invited herself in! ^___^ I don’t know whether to be mad at her or happy at that moment.

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