I see a cockapoo crossing the street!

From across the street, Georgie and I saw a cockapoo by the traffic lights …IMG_0254Cockapoo and mummy started to cross the street IMG_0253And they were coming towards us.
IMG_0256 Cockapoo’s mummy must have said something to cockapoo as she looked in our direction …IMG_0257And Georgie’s and my tail started wagging …

Well, hello … Scarlett!  We have never met before today but Mummy told us you were coming to visit – and we reckoned it had to be you!

We all went to lunch together at The Henry Root. It had to be The Henry Root because we were four dogs and they are so dog friendly, Mummy knew it wouldn’t be a problem when we all trouped in!

IMG_0273Then the food arrivedIMG_0279And I do my popping-up act IMG_0281 Checking out what Mummy was havingIMG_0280 And so did Scarlett – we cockapoos like our food!IMG_0282And then – aha! Wonderful Suzy shared her last bit of macaroni and cheese with us …

Scarlett looked a little overwhelmed with her London experience and probably us. 🙂IMG_0259 Think she was asking her mummyIMG_0291What are we doing in this big, busy, noisy city?IMG_0288And who are these dawgs?
IMG_0289May’s comment: Another Facebook friend!  Suzy and Scarlett O’Hara were in London and they came to say hello.
IMG_0294That was a lovely thing to watch when we were walking towards the bus stop when Darcy spotted Suzy and Scarlett diagonally across the street.  She stopped, sat down and watched them and her tail started wagging. And George then joined her as they both eyed them coming closer. They don’t always greet other dogs like that. There must be something about them knowing their own kind.  Well, George thinks he’s a cockapoo! LOL!  I think he’s with cockapoos so often that he thinks that’s what he looks like.  He forgot to look in the mirror lately. 🙂


  1. Rowena

    Lovely story to start my day! Scarlett’s face is so expressive, bless her!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Guess what May! I found out through DNA testing that Gina is 12.5 percent toy poodle! She could be a doodle at your meets if we were close enough to come every month. She still looks like a black Doxador though!

  3. Jill Keiser

    I have a lot of photos on my phone. I’ll try to pick a good one. She looks like a dwarf black lab.

  4. Laura Cordovano

    I love George picking up the little morsels of macaroni that fell off the spoon from Darcy!

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