“If music be the food of love, play on.”

Alas, it is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death,

and it seemed but right for us to trot along

to The Globe Theatre we must, our tribute payIMG_6806 Along with hoomans who left roses at the gateIMG_6816 We snuck inside for a photo opIMG_6810As in Shakespeare’s lack of love for dogs

We were not welcomed on the premises.

So we scooted off the grounds

To listen to instruments being played on a nearby streetIMG_6830Then wandered off away from the “Shakespearean” crowd –IMG_6832We crossed the Thames on the Millennium Bridge IMG_6842Where we returned to more “modern” times …IMG_6954Where the street musicians wear skirts

And blow into a bag making a racket of sounds!

May’s comment: Shakespeare wrote plays more than 400 years ago but the playwrights most powerful quotes are still very much relevant today.
tumblr_nexw5euCR51tubkh0o1_500And for a more recent occasion, this holds true …wrinkles card


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