Introducing my friends to Paddington

After our run around Primrose, George and I wanted to show Lucca and Rusty the Paddington Bear we had seen earlier on our way into the park.

IMG_0346Hey guys! This is Primrose Paddington by Julie Walters IMG_0420We’re counting how many we’ve found – and he’s 26th. We’re counting the “phantom” bear because it wasn’t our fault he was taken away.
IMG_0421Yes, Lucca, he’s a green bear with primrose flowers – in reference to the beautiful green space where he sits on top of Primrose Hill.

Come on up, Rusty.
IMG_0424There’s always room for a friend.

I think Rusty likes it up here! Look at that smile 🙂
IMG_0416Lucca, don’t you want to take a photo with us?IMG_0418


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