It’s May Doodle Meet-up

Hello everyone! It’s the end of May and time for our meet-up!

Were you at the London International Doodle Dog Day meet at the beginning of May?

At Serpentine Gallery

I was at the New York Doodle Dog Day meet –

Yup, it was a big group – and we were somewhere in the back – we didn’t do the massive big rush!

Look at all the cameras. It was crazeeee!

Wonder if London’s Doodle Dog Day 2020 will be just as big? LOL! In the end its not about numbers but about getting together to celebrate us doodles!

So that’s why we gather each month to just be with our friends. We started as a cockapoo meet and then there were cavapoos plus one honorary “poo” aka George. And then everyone started asking if they could come – but of course! We love all doodles – and other furry friends.

For this coming Sunday, we’ve invited Jindol and his mum to come and join us – so he can meet some London pooches. We hope they will be able to make it. And we hope you will come and meet them, get to know them – and join us in helping him get his prosthetics.

Jindol deserves a second chance to a more normal life.

May’s comment: We got to meet Jindol and Rafi last weekend – and learnt further about the mystery behind Jindol’s missing back paws. It sickens me to hear how cruel humans can be. Click here to read about it.

Our monthly meet is this Sunday, 26th May – as usual behind the Serpentine Gallery at 11am. The group photo will be at 11.30am. Looking forward to seeing you all.

P.S. Later there was a more controlled group photo for the NY Meet and we made it to the front!

That was less than half the first group. Can you see us?


  1. Koda

    Miss Darcy,
    I want to meet you next year at the NYC Cockapoo dog meet. You are invited to my house for a play date afterwards. Koda ❤️💕 woof woof!

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