I’ve been framed

We were walking along Kensington Church Street when Mummy came across this rather unique frame store.  Mummy has a collection of antique frame mirrors so this gallery easily caught her eye. And then she had an idea – so we went inside to inquire about the frames.
IMG_4802 True to their word, they have A LOT of antique frames – rows and rows of them!IMG_4788 What Mummy was really interested in was to find a unique frame for a pencil sketch of us that was done by Alison Elliott at the #BarkStreet street party back in June.

It is only a small sketch and Mummy had been thinking how she was going to frame it to be added to our gallery. An ordinary frame would be lost in our ever-expanding collection.  So when she saw these frames, she thought that’s perfect!

And as Alison paints and draws in the classical style, it would be fitting to have the sketch framed in a very classic way. 
And amidst the hundreds of frames we did find something suitable.  But it will take a long while to get it because the matt board is hand painted – and there’s quite a long wait for that to be done.

While at it, Mummy wondered how we would look framed.IMG_4790I stood still for Mummy to have a look while George gave Mummy two options of poses.  IMG_4796A left side pose
IMG_4794Or a right side pose?  And then he got distracted by someone entering the store.IMG_4793 While I waited patiently for Mummy to get on with making her decision and George’s flirting.IMG_4791 May’s comment:  I love antique frames so you can imagine how excited I was to find this treasure of a gallery.  Daggett Gallery in Notting Hill is a dedicated antique frame dealer. They were not just frames but frames with such different histories and different styles – but all gilded.

The lovely Mr. Charles Daggett patiently helped to find the right frame for the very simple pencil sketch.IMG_4801Daggett Gallery not only deals with antique frames but also restores them. They are at 225 Kensington Church Street, Notting Hill, London

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  1. Alison Mullett

    What a teasure trove of frames. Wonderful. I love the one you’ve chosen for the sketch of Darcy and George. Very fitting! Xxx

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