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Aside from my occasional appearance on QVC to help promote the Pet Angel brush and recently helping to design a line of dog coats for Alice Foxx, blogging is my day “job” when I am not doing my usual doggy things.

Someone asked us how do we keep going with our blog – since we do lead busy lives and travel quite often. So I thought to share my five essentials for productivity when I am blogging.

It is too easy to procrastinate, or to get “writer’s block”. And while I am always ready to go outside, Mummy can sit at her desk the whole day. Thankfully for us needing to go out, she has to go with us.  Especially now that we also have George to consider, we have to be more efficient or more productive when we’re blogging.

These are our five MUST DOs …

1. Get up from the desk, get out of the home and partake of things and events. Inspiration doesn’t come from just sitting in front of the computer.  Inevitably whenever we wander outside, we see things, we meet others who have stories to tell or some event which helps to trigger off ideas for blog topics.  So besides the daily essential breaks, we make an effort to explore beyond our neighbourhood.

2. But when sitting down at the desk to blog, do not be distracted by emails or follow all sorts of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, even Instagram!  So easy to read about all those doggy stories and getting involved with other doggies’ lives. It takes away precious writing time. There’s a time for all those other things after the blog has been written

3. When writing do not be distracted by the statistics, remember the original objective of our blog, i.e. to share our life’s experiences – from the heart. Looking at stats and numbers distract from the main purpose of writing the blog.  Numbers shouldn’t matter – they only interfere with the original intention.

4. Take lots of photos. Some like to take notes but for the purpose of our blog, photos are easier as we can’t be writing notes while out with two dogs!  The photos not only remind us of the subjects of interest but they also help make a blog more interesting.

5. Last but not least – set a daily schedule. It is so easy to go from one thing to another, or one can get lost when doing one thing and then before you know it, you’re out of time for other things.

May’s comment: As always, this blog has always been written from our own personal experiences and from the heart. It is also a way for me to fulfil my daily quota of writing. And yes, it is probably easier and less threatening to write through Miss Darcy. But through this I have so enjoyed the responses, the comments and the encouragement from people who read our daily writing. an online provider of small business loan provider, helps entrepreneurs boost productivity



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  1. Maggie

    Well said Miss D. you really do have a wonderful way with words. I may not always sAy, but reading your blog, and now reading about your new ‘brother’, that oh so cheeky chappy, really brightens up our day. Xxxx

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